Very recent loss

Morning my husband passed away in my arms yesterday morning. 8th November We were together for 22 years and have only been married a month. He lost his battle with cancer and as you can imagine I am now very broken and lost.


@Dave44 Hi there, sorry to hear of the loss of your husband you must be absolutely devastated, it’s such an utterly unimaginable pain to experience. There’s nothing I can say that’s going to take that pain away, I lost my wife last year in very similar circumstances, 23 years together, 5 months married, 9 months of cancer. Like you I was completely lost. The only advice I can offer is to take things day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute if you have to. In all honesty you have a very rough road in front of you, take all offers of help, tell people what you need, people often want to help but simply don’t know how. This site is a place where you can come and let your emotions out, and there will be a confusing multitude of them. There’s no judgement here, we’re all on the same road, we’ll help you through as best we can. Keep reaching out if you need to.


I’m so sorry you are going through this. The emotions at this stage are raw and over whelming. @Walan gives some very good advice.
Keep reaching out and take all the help that is offered. Stay in the now and just get through each hour.
We are here, we know what it’s like and what your going through.


I am so so sorry for your loss… I can imagine the pain your in right now, i was with my husband 20 years this October, married 7 years and he passed away September 6th after a cruel 6 week battle with cancer :broken_heart: it’s the most devastating pain and it’s only been 9 weeks but in a way I feel like it’s been a lifetime! Sending you all my love, here anytime you want to talk x


Oh Dave, we feel your pain. You have a very tough time ahead, but being on this forum might help you a little bit.

Take care

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Dave44 I’m so sorry to hear your story it must feel overwhelming, I lost my husband only 7 weeks ago and I can honestly say that the last 7 weeks have passed in a painful and heartbreaking blur. I’ve cried everyday even when I felt like I was doing ok I still cried, I doubt I will ever stop. People said to take it hour by painful hour and day by day. This is the only way, I hope it gets a bit easier over time, be kind to yourself and don’t try to do anything you don’t feel up to, love and best wishes, this forum is a life saver xx

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Thanks everyone one seams like the best advice is to slow down the pace a bit. I’ve kept very busy organising the perfect funeral which he so deserves. Many mini meltdowns caused by the silliest of things but bounce back. Finding things also nightmare don’t know where to look for things as most online. Taking a few days to myself now as need to reboot myself. X

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Dave, all the best with the funeral, ours was lovely but an enormously emotional day, I was exhausted. Be gentle with yourself take care x

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Well I took some time out this weekend to do normal things and it did help.Went to the coast stayed overnight with a friend.I was looked after.Had a couple of mini meltdowns but that’s going to happen.
Christmas tunes in shops send me off. We as a couple had things booked like going to Bingo with friends and will still do that as it is what we did. Also always had a big tree in front garden at Christmas lit up my husband did big switch on and I will still do that.
The neighbours appreciate it as well so will do in his memory.
Funeral on 27th Nov gunna be hard but having the best send off that he deserved. The grief I have is the price you pay for love.
I take comfort that my husband died in my arms with our first wedding dance song playing and me asking him to go now and end the pain and suffering he didn’t deserve. I told him I will be ok and it’s time to go and see his late sister and my cats and with that he passed away in my arms just me and him. Perfect but heartbreaking.