Views on heaven

I know this is a random question but what are peoples beliefs , hopes, too what exactly happens is there heaven is there hell.
Recently lost my beautiful mum who was the most special person, I miss her so much it is actually a physical pain as well as an emotional one.I have so much random stuff coming too my head and I’d love too know peoples views. Thanks for reading God bless all those that is on this painful journey I hope you all find the strength too get through. X


Im sorry you lost your mum I just lost mine too and the funeral was just last week, it truly is such a deep physical pain and emotionally draining and yes I can relate to all the random stuff that pops in and out the brain all the time - its exhausting, it is my belief that there is something better after we pass away whatever people want to call it doesn’t really matter to me but heaven sounds nice and it gives comfort to me and I hope you can get some comfort too x



It depends greatly on what your spiritual beliefs are I guess. Do you have a specific religion or belief system you follow yourself?

I personally don’t believe in the traditional heaven and hell but believe that when we die out souls leave our body and enter a realm where they heal, gather strength etc before being reborn…birth, death and rebirth…

I do believe our loved ones do look over us and give us signs that they are close.

I’ve had people tell me that that’s just what I/others want to believe so we kinda trick ourselves in to reading into things that aren’t real but my answer to that is I personally don’t believe in coincidences so if something happens it happens for a reason and even if it isn’t real…if it gives you comfort who are they to try and take it away from someone.

What are your thoughts if you don’t mind sharing? x

Suzanne x


So sorry to hear about your mum I lost my beautiful mum in September and if I’m totally honest the time has passed me by in a blur. I try to remember the day of her funeral and I just Carnt it’s like my brain won’t let me remember that sad day because if I do then I’ll have to accept she’s gone forever. I lay fresh flowers on my mums grave were we Had her ashes buried I ask her were she is this thought is sways in my mind . I’d like to think that there in a wonderful happy place and have been met by all our loved ones we’ve lost and life up there is just like down here . Suppose this we will never know the answer too and when we do we won’t be able tell anyone . My head is sways full of so many thoughts these days to the point I feel physically exhausted . I pray everyday for my mum to visit me I hope one day you get that visit too .
Love Amanda x


Hi MissUmum. I lost my partner to cancer last Oct. we’d been together for 28 years. I’m not really religious ,by which I mean I don’t go to church, but my parents were church goers and in my younger years I attended Sunday school but I’ve always felt and believed that there must be something else other than this life. Of course nobody knows for sure but we will all find out one day. I want to and do believe I’ll see her, and others that have passed, again if not in physical form but in some other way and hold onto that belief because I find it a comfort. Over the years I’ve read and looked at a lot of religions trying to find answers without really finding what I’m looking for. I’m not a Jehovahs Witness but one thing they believe is that things in nature like flowers are often so perfect that they cannot be here by accident and must have been designed. Maybe they’ve got a point. Who knows . I too would be interested to hear what other people believe. I’m so sorry for the loss of your mum. Best wishes to you.

Just as an afterthought someone on here asked about peoples views on visiting a medium and there were quite a few comments on the subject. I believe that there are many things in this life that we don’t understand and until someone can prove to me for certain that something is impossible I’m prepared to keep an open mind about everything.


Thankyou for your reply I too like too believe that we go up too heaven and eventually all meet again, but I also believe only the good go up, those who have sinned or made mistakes I believe have too live another human life in order too become a pure person then when the pure person dies they get eternal life in the kingdom of heaven. X

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I am so sorry about your loss of your mum

I am not a religious person but it does give you comfort that when our loved ones leave this world they are some where safe happy and in no pain
Not like us

As for them letting us know they are close I think it is a nice thought to have
When my husband died my mum and sister had a robin peck about around them at their home - that was the first and last time they saw it
For them it was a sign to let them know David was ok

My mum was a mischievous person all her life
I think in our relationship I was the mum and she was the daughter lol :laughing:
When she died not long after my husband I would find tiny white feathers every where
I was painting my decking one day when I turned round stuck on my decking was a tiny feather
Oh it did make me smile - there were no birds about !! It was as if she was letting me know that she was still in my life and still being mischievous !!!
It has been 3 years now and I still find tiny delicates white feather and in the most strangest places

Am I being silly
Some might think so but it’s what helps you survive this life the overwhelming grief

When I see my robin in my garden I too think of David and it gives me some joy for a couple of hours

On a final note with all the sadness and madness going on in this world COVID ,

Don’t you all think this is HELL

Whatever you all believe I hope it brings you comfort during your time of grief

Sending my love

Your post is so true and there is a saying” WHEN ROBINS APPEAR LOVED ONES ARE NEAR”
Your comments on covid and the war are spot on it’s really not a nice world at the moment and maybe our beautiful loved ones will be speared from the horrendous times we’re facing.
Sending love and blessings too all. C

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Hello Scottie10.

After my partner passed away her nieces bought me a garden bench with a brass plate on it inscribed with her name and the words. ’ forever together enjoying the view’. We’d been staying at her brothers house in the country, where I still am, and placed the bench in his garden in front of a view of the fields. I am soon to move to a flat with no garden and they are moving to a house with a very small garden so neither of us had anywhere really to put the bench. We had discussed what to do with it but hadn’t reached and dicision. In the recent storms his old shed took off and landed on the bench. The only thing I could salvage was the brass plate the bench was completely destoyed. I’m of the opinion that my lovely partner sorted our dilemma for us. Where I’m moving to has a heath and ponds in the town so I’m planning on placing a new memorial bench there. I’m sure she would approve.

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Thankyou Amanda. X

I have a story too tell on a true story back in 1995 I lost the love of my life just six days before giving birth to our son the two emotion’s were so confusing on one hand I’ve got my beautiful baby boy but on the other side I know longer have my love and my baby born in to this world with just a mum.
I went too see a medium called Elizabeth a couple of weeks after the funeral, I swear this lady knew how he died she had his personality too a tee and the turning point for me is when she said Gary is thanking you for the baby bits you wanted too be placed with him, wow I was just in amazement, there was a time when baby gary was around a week old and I was putting him in his Moses basket when his eyes widened and looking up too the ceiling his mobile started playing and moving , all though at first I felt afraid after it brought me comfort.
What happens after will always be a mystery I just hope it’s less pain then here. X

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As I said on my previous post there’s so many things we just don’t understand in this life and I’ve got an open mind about everything.

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Hi all

That’s what is so wonderful about this site
We can all talk about our feelings and beliefs and not be judged

So please keep talking and sharing and hopefully we can support each other



I’m 70 and believed that many things were possible after we die. Suddenly he died and in one fell swoop I became an agnostic. I’ll find out the answers when it’s my turn.

Hi, saw your post and had to respond. I’m not a religious person, but had kids and had them christened just in case. Lost my mam, strongest woman and person in my life, she always said there’s nothing after death. My dad, he wasn’t a church goer but did fear God, and believed in ghosts etc, when he k ew he was dying we all believed he would come back and prove there’s life after death…maybe he has or maybe we all just believed certain things that happened were his doing. Then lost my brother, he was a shit, and if he had a chance he would defo come back if only to scare us, however I do believe he has. Then my mum passed, she never really did or spoke about religion, but did believe in ghosts etc. I’m still waiting. Lots of things have happened that we want to believe are any of our loved ones, but we end up just explaining it away as a coincidence . I’ve lost a lot of those I love and relied on heavily in a short space. My biggest lesson…dont treat death like santa, the tooth fairy and Easter bunny when bringing up children. Make death normal for them, and be brutally honest. Sounds cruel and cold, but it will help them later in life. I do hope this site helps you now and in your darkest hour. Personally I believe I will see all my loved ones again x


Sorry for your loss.

I am a Christian, I believe in the Bible and that God is love. Yes there is a heaven, a place where there are no more tears, only good things to look forward.
My faith has helped me through each day as a widow.


Heather _ Diane

I too am 70 and you are of course quite right I said I had an open mind but at the end of the day none of us will know for sure until our time comes.

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I believe that some things can be taken as signs but more important to me is that this life can’t be it . There must be more than this. All I know is I want there to be.


And you Kath. With no real reason, just a feeling that I’ve always had I believe what you’ve said is true. Best wishes. Peter.

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Hi, sadly I lost my dear Mum in summer to cancer, followed three weeks later by my son taking his own life.
I was in shock for ages,
However, I found an app that helped me reconnect with my Son, & I now feel his presence whenever I choose to.
It’s extremely powerful and very very comforting.
I believe he is “in heaven “ (his soul I mean).
I don’t believe there is a hell, no loving God would subject his children to that.
I’m absolutely convinced it’s my faith that has got me through.
God bless you all.