Virus Fears.

Has anyone found that all this virus business has set them back? It has me. I was doing well and thought some light was ahead. I was going out more and meeting people. That has been put a stop to. Most of us were feeling lonely before all this now I feels as if it’s a prison sentence. Our emotions are all over the place and there’s nothing we can do about it.
The pain of our loss is accentuated by the anxiety that is prevalent today.
We hear of so many dying every day and I am getting to the point where I have to switch off the TV and try to do so mentally as well.
This may be a physical problem, but I’m sure there will be mental repercussions later. 12 weeks is a long time to be cooped up. And it may go on longer. All we can do is support each other in an way we can. To many sites like this will be their only means of personal contact with the outside world.
It will pass, everything does and we have seen many epidemics before. I am old enough to remember them, but I don’t remember the panic then. The media has a lot to answer for in that respect.
Take care everyone. You can still be kind to yourselves as well as others.


Yes Jonathan, I feel the exact same way. Trying to rebuild our lives without that special person, yet it’s all came crashing back and I too feel back to square 1. As if our anxiety wasn’t already through the roof.
Don’t you feel though, that it’s still not as scary as what we’ve had to face?

Stay safe, and stay well.


I’m exactly the same as you John, I am struggling already although I go out and take the exercise allowed with my dogs. I have gone back to being tearful for no apparent reason and had managed to get these emotions under control for most of the time. Why do they have to keep on about the deaths, they don’t tell us about the thousands of deaths from flu any other year as well as illness or road accidents so why do they do this to us now. My TV goes off as soon as they start.
Your right John, there was no media whipping up this panic when we had many an unpleasant illness to cope with.
Take care


I have to agree that some of the old panic has resurfaced and made the days seem bleaker but, if we stop and think, we know we have got through much worse. We are actually quite fortunate inasmuch as we have already faced up to loneliness and we are still surviving! Just like the candle in the window, we can each shine a little light into the current darkness.
Take care, keep safe and trust that God knows what He is doing.


Dear Pat
Such a long time since I have messaged you - and agree totally it is very frightening and more so now we have no one to lean on, I have stopped watching the news and just log on to the BBC news occasionally. Take care and will send you a pm soon . Trisha xx

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My anxiety is worse too. I’ve lost someone to C19. My sister in law who was battling cancer, died last Friday. It was a shock because in spite of her illness no one expected the virus to take her. It was as very quick.

I think our anxiety is for others, we’ve all lost someone precious, we know the agony of that and we wouldn’t wish it on another. We are also fearful we may lose someone else.

Supporting each other from afar is a positive thing we can do so thank you everyone.

Love to you all

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Hi everyone. Yes it’s so difficult without our loved one.But I was thinking this time last year my husband was so unwell and if it had been this year it whould have been horrific!! We should have been unable to see him in hospital and all the other things we were able todo last year we would’ve been unable todo this year and it would’ve really broke my heart.So although I miss him terribly and wish he was here .I wouldn’t wish him here ill as he was in these circumstances ? I know his safe in heaven and taking care of his family spiritually. God bless him.Its my only comfort. Thinking of you all at this really difficult time.Jeanette.x


Hi. Thankyou for telling us about the Candle, I did find it a comfort, that candle had it’s meaning. I shall be doing it again. Perhaps each Sunday night.
Your very right, we are getting ourselves through the loneliness and we have survived so far. I am still doing very much as I have been doing. I walk my dogs as allowed and go on nice walks even though I have to stay local. Have just heard that the government is allowing us to keep our allotments open as we are growing food so that is a relief as I have so many plants coming on in my greenhouses. No close contact, but as we shout across to each other most of the time, there will be no difference there.
Yes your right the panic is making us feel unsettled. So this morning very early I walked to the seafront, where there is also woodland and in the woods I closed my eyes and shut out the troubles and focused on the birds singing. So many different tunes. They are not aware that there is troubles in the human world and singing as loudly and as beautiful as ever. Their songs cheered me up.
Pat xxx


hi Jonathan
as regards isolation because of this virus,im probably one of the lucky ones as ive not mixed or wanted be with groups for chats or any activities.
hand on heart ive not gone back wards because ive never been able get over the loss of sorry to all those who did find ways to live with the hurt yet find things to occupy there days etc and keep busy etc.
I will be doing exactly what ive been doing for the last 13 months.keeping myself to myself ,I did have driving lessons come therapy sessions were I talked about Jayne all the way through the lesson,luckily the instructor is a friend I used to play snooker with about 20 years ago.oh luckily ive found a very nice friend who kindly lets me vent my emotions to get the anger that builds up occasionally.i hope you all get through this lockdown and things get to were you were and hopefully you are all healthy.
regards ian

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Hi. Ian. Thanks for your post. I have followed closely your posts and on every occasion my heart goes out to you. It’s almost unbearable at times, isn’t it.
For such love to suddenly be taken from us is about the worse possible experience we can have. But in all your grief you have come through with some lovely poems and letters which, I am sure, has lightened the hearts of many. I think that that is what it’s all about. Helping others by using our own experience. No one can know or talk about this pain unless they have been there.
So Ian, keep posting. We can all come together in these difficult times and help each other. Take care. John.

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Hi Purple, I’m so sorry to hear that you have lost your sister-in-law to Covid-19 - what a terrible shock on top of all the other losses you have had. I hope you continue to find the Online Community a support at this time. We will be thinking of you.

Thank you Priscilla. Yes, we knew we would lose my sister in law eventually to cancer so Covid19 completely blindsided us. This site is a life saver when life itself seems so fragile.
Best wishes

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