Coronavirus any body taking precautions.

My daughter has cleaned her hands raw. But that’s all you can do. Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face. Drink plenty of water as apparently it washes germs down to the stomach where stomach acid kills it off. Not sure how true that is though. I’m feeling sniffly today so very paranoid.

Im washing my hands when i get home but im not going down the road of wearing a mask or changing routine.

Neither am I jooles

Hi there, Keeping hands washed but no 60% alcohol hand gel anywhere. Ridiculous, why can’t we get the stuff.
On TV this morning they said that a cold and sore throat wasn’t the virus. So don’t worry those that are sniffing. But it seems that some people will have no symptoms so we could we walking about with it and never know it.
Not stock piling, just hoping for the best.

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