It’s getting out of hand. Not the virus but the panic. Our supermarket ran out of toilet rolls!! It’s a fact that the immune system can be compromised by fear and anxiety. Worrying about disease can’t help. The virus is doing it’s thing. Being a virus, and the fact that it affects us is neither here nor there to it.
It’s doing what we do, trying to survive. But unlike us, and as far as we know, it doesn’t go round killing one another. But the more we see it as an enemy the more it will frighten us. We don’t have to befriend it but regard it as neutral. Now this is a totally different attitude to the one we are used to and it’s not as crazy as it seems. In countries where they believe in the power of suggestion the witch doctor will tell someone they will die at midnight, and their belief is so strong they do. Replace the witch doctor with the media and you may see my point. Being constantly bombarded with negative information can have the opposite effect intended. It can lower our resistance and compromise our immune system. Fear has a profound effect on the body. Take care with hygiene by all means. Be sensible but try not to worry or panic. Blessings. John.


I totally agree with you im not worried for myself ive tried to tell my parents who are both in ill health to try and stay in if they can and to make any visitors wash their hands but ive not been panic buying.


Thank you John for a sane and sensible attitude, once more you have produced words of wisdom. I certainly see your point. The media is causing hysteria and there are many untruths coming through Social Media, I saw two different views on the Virus on BBC and ITV this morning.
Cleanliness and eating sensibly and not letting fear get the better of us may well help and as you say the immune system must remain strong.
Love Pat xx


hi John
As usual very good sensible advice.Scare mongering does nothing to help anyone.
From reading a few articles and listening to the news,sadly its the people who are
older with health issues or not to well any way.And its common sense to stay away from other people if you are very ill.sad thing is some people think going to work when they are ill with flu shows they are strong willed ,when in reality it shows they do not care about the health of others who may not even get over getting flu,which we know kills the most vulnerable every flu season.Hopefully those who believe they are carrying the virus will stay away from others until they feel better.
fingers crossed a solution is found very soon.
regards ian

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