Hi everyone, went to my sons today, my youngest Granddaughter will be 12 on Tuesday, so we had lunch together, just the three of us, was lovely, but coming home, so hard, it feels so empty, Richards been gone just over a year, just wanted to share the day with him, tell him what we had eaten, chatted about, my home now has a huge void in it, going out on my own isn’t so bad when I get back, but if I’ve been around people, that’s when I find it hard, returning and not being able to share, it just makes me feel so alone, I feel so empty, putting the kettle on for one, one solitary mug, I lost my soul mate, my best friend, the person who understood me, the sadness now sits on my shoulders, heavy, Richard I miss you x


I can empathize with you @Caz6, that’s exactly how I feel.
Debbie X

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It was our sons wedding anniversary today - last year I don’t remember if I gave them a card – but signing it only from mum was hard today.
It looked so wrong.

G. X


Hugs :hugs:

Anything I send to our children and grandchildren, I still sign from us both. He may not be here but he still dad, grandad.
It’s only cards or letters to friend’s or distant relatives that I just sign my name. Your right it’s does feel odd.