I recently lost my Grandad to cancer and have felt as thought I’m in a whirlwind, unable to focus. I’m a photography student and have found some relief in visualisations and trying to capture the feeling through photos. I was wondering if anyone else does this and what you see/ how you visualise your emotion and grief? Thank you for anyone who shares with me.

Hello. I tend to use poetry and prose to capture my feelings. I love the written word. Photography must be a wonderful way to visualise your emotions and grief, good for you, whatever works and hopefully helps with some form of comfort. I liked your post, it’s something different amidst the pain and suffering. Thank you. Much love xx

Poetry is a beautiful form of expression I admire your ability to do that and thank you, art is a great healer, I wish you all the best xx

In reply to Emilyjade and other’s on this thread. I find to look at photographs of my beloved husband, who died in March this year, gives me great comfort in my grief. At the time of his funeral our son gave me an album that he had put together of photos taken over approximately the last 30 years of our family life with my husband in every picture. I’ve spent much time browsing through the photos seeing his happy face with the grandsons when they were small, family days out, parties and some pictures of just the two of us - he and I together by the sea on a holiday. All these bring back such wonderful memories of our wonderful life together. Yes, I still have my tearful times, I will always miss him, but even then if I switch on my laptop there he is again on the desktop smiling at me as I took the photograph on one of our favourite beaches in Wales. A friend said to me recently that I would probably find Christmas difficult this year. It has not come yet, but like another reader on this thread I feel my emotions at that time cannot be any different from every day as I am living and missing him all the time. I can’t believe I have lived almost 8 months without him. We had been married 59 years. I still drive the car in which he used to sit beside me. This can give me happy memories of our lifelong travels together. Reading can also give me comfort from the pain of grief, as can knitting. Yes, I too find I have days when the only people I see to speak to are the shop-assistants, but I realise others are also in my position. Naturally, it is better to be with friends or family, but it cannot be done every day. Ive joined an exercise class, which is beneficial physically, but in addition an opportunity to meet others and have a chat. If possible, I find it best to get out to meet people, particularly, if you are not going out to work. I worked most of our married life and know that indeed one can miss the companionship of work colleagues. With my best wishes to you all in bereavement on this site. Deidre

Hello Deidre. I love looking at photos of my husband too. They are all over the house, in every room, even in my car. They make me smile and I try to recall the moment they were taken. Photographs are wonderful possessions and we are so lucky to have them. My son gave me a calendar last year with my husband featured on every month.
I like your positive attitude, it’s good to read something a bit more upbeat. Xxx

In reply yo CrazyKate

Thanks Crazy Kate for your reply. Glad you find photographs a help too. Always good to hear your views on the various threads. Deidre Xx

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