Waiting for Coroners report

Waiting for coroners report is agony, due to coroner not being able to establish a cause of death at post mortom for Brian who we found out passed away 06 January 2023, 8 weeks and 2 days since we reported him missing to police they have opened an investigation into his death and were told it could be 8 weeks or more before toxicology report is back We as a family opted for a direct cremation this took place on 08 February 2023 and myself our children and grandchildren, Brian’s brother, nephew and cousin and family went out for a meal that day. Due to this police still having his phone (at coroners request) we are unable to arrange a celebration of life event, as there are probably details of his former work collegues on there (former HGV driver) who may like to come, fed up of people asking endless questions like “how did he die” “did he take his life” " when are you going to arrange a celebration event" “why no funeral” everytime someone asks something it just leaves me reeling from the enormity of it all again if that makes sense. Just trying to make a new life for myself at present xx

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I also know the agony of awaiting a coroners report, although under very different circumstances and I can only offer you my heartfelt sympathy on your loss and the added distress of not knowing what happened.
My husband’s death is still awaiting a coroners report and inquest, because his cancer was caused by extensive asbestos exposure (he worked in an asbestos factory for 12 years between 1968 and 1980) it was an automatic referral when he passed away in September last year. The pathology report should have been completed by 9th December but cannot be done because the asbestos fibre count is still outstanding. It’s so hard waiting and it doesn’t help when I ring to enquire if there is an update to be told “We are sorry but there is a backlog on inquests and reports”. I know the inquest isn’t going to change what has happened but as you say it’s hard when people keep asking “have you heard anything” or “ have you got a death certificate yet”. Like you we were able to hold his funeral service but still don’t know the actual cause of death (although we knew he had cancer his death was actually quite sudden whilst he was in hospital and took the doctors by surprise so I have been told”.
My advice is to regularly check in with your named coroners officer as otherwise things can just get lost in the “backlog” especially if they are waiting for results from external agencies.

@Jan71 and @2littleboys
This must be so hard for you and your families. Richard did have a PM as it was a sudden death but it wasn’t too long to wait. Even that short delay was difficult so I can’t imagine how much harder this is for you both and made worse by people asking all the time.
Sending you both my love
Karen xxx