Want to stop the pain

I long for my lovely husband Michael so much. I lost him in September 2020. I never thought I would lose him. He battled cancer so bravely. Seeing my lovely Michael go through so much pain was so traumatic. I try and keep busy to stop the pain I feel. Does it ever end. We never had any children so feel very lonely. Friends are there for me but they have their own lives. I will never get use to living on my own but friends say it does get easier. My world fell apart when my Michael left me.

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Hi sorry for your loss. My husbands name was Michael always called Mick also had cancer I lost him a year ago day by day still a struggle I think we learn to live without them or struggle to live our lives on our own. I hope you have family around you xx

Such a comfort your message to me. Thank you so much. I was so strong when I lost my lovely Michael arranging everything. Such sadness and anxiety which I never experienced now overwhelms me. Do not have family around me.

This sites helps so sad when alone I have grown up children and a granddaughter keeps me busy but when not here it’s a lonely place to be keeping chatting on here I think it helps x

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Please remember that it is also worse because of lockdown. Things may get easier for you once services are back up and running. There may be bereavement groups, coffee mornings with like-minded people and other situations open to you that could help make it a bit more bearable and give you a breather outside the house. You are in the worst part of it in the first year so try and just be healthy and as comfortable as you can be. That is all you can do and don’t be afraid to keep crying as you need to, it is a healing thing but take breaks too.

I wish you all the best going fowards.