Was crying till I found this website

I had started believing that I am the only one who is not coping with loss, I read some messages here and realised that so many people are in pain,the pain that no one can take away,I have even wondered why we are alive if we were to die, actually you realised that actually a broken heart does exist.
No matter how much support you are offered the pain never goes away. I lost my sister in march and i am finding it difficult to understant why ? Now i get angry,sad,tired,

Hi Ayishi im very sorry for you loss .Death is so final with time youll get to where ever .This site is always open keep coming back 18 months on i still get angry sad and tired at times Colin

Very true Colin,18 months is nothing Its more like a life time pain than just goes away and comes back.My hope is that,may be we will see them again.but we need to stay strong.

I like what you write Ayishi ‘maybe we will see them again’ this is the only hope we can cling to when death is so final. This is my hope also. Nobody on here has ever mentioned an after life and I just wonder what percentage of people believe in this?

Has anyone had any experiences from loved ones who have passed away? I have had a couple of experiences but they are few and far between. I believe in letting them Rest in Peace but secretly want them to give me a sign that they are still around us.

Hello May2001. I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s an interesting question you pose regarding an afterlife. I personally believe in “Eternal” life as opposed to an “afterlife”. I’m not and never would say there is not an “afterlife” but people tend to confuse the two. I’m sad that I don’t find comfort in signs or white feathers the way others do or feel their loved ones prescence strongly. I have dreams though and although these can be upsetting I would rather have them than not. I suppose the ideal situation is for our loved ones to rest at peace and the ones left behind to live in peace but that’s far, far easier said than done. I’m sending you compassionate thoughts, warmest regards Tina.

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Hello Ayishi2017. I’m sorry to have read about your loss and pain. Sisters have special bonds don’t they. It’s quite true that no matter how much support you get from others the pain still remains. We can’t ask someone to look after our broken heart whilst we have 10 minutes to recharge our tired minds and bodies as it is quite true that being angry and sad is so tiring. It’s not that we want to banish the pain from our lives is it, just to learn to live with a “softer” version of the pain. I hope you have had some peaceful days since writing this post Ayisha and I’m sending compassionate thoughts. Take care

Thanks for your reply Tina. To give you some comfort I was told by a leading Danish astrologer that the dead reveal themselves to you in dreams. I also don’t find comfort in white feathers! X

Thanks May2001

Hi May,

Thank you, I like the idea of my Mum revealing herself to me in dreams. I don’t have many dreams with her in just a couple of nice ones where she seems happy and smiling. In one she was with my Dad and they looked so happy to be together again. It was terribly sad to me in some ways but if they were saying as I hope not to worry about them then that has to be good. I have had several just when I hear her calling my name which I don’t like as I worry she needs me.

I had not heard the white feather thing until coming on this site and don’t really get it at all.


Hi Tina19,
Thanks for your beautiful message, Yes I have had days when all is peaceful and coming back on this website to read messages has made me understand that i am not alone.And yes the pain is alittle bit softer.
Take care of yourself.

Hello May 2001
I do believe in the after life, there must be a place where they go,and the good thing we all take the same route,Its not like one goes north the other south.
I have had a few dreams and that to me is ok.Some people say leave them to rest but i guess if they come to us in a dream it means they also want to reassure us that they are some where and still living on.

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Hello Mel,
So sorry for your loss,its hard to loose a loved one but when you two especially parents only you understand the pain,but I think you seeing them in dreams smiling and together is more like they are reassuring you that they are ok.
I always think that when they are free and can easily go anywhere they want as they dont have the bodies to weigh them down.more like they flying anywhere,its just a thought.
Warm thoughts to you.

Thankyou Ayishi2017.

Hello Mel, aww I’m pleased I have helped you in the meaning of seeing a loved one who has passed on in your dreams. Because of my grieving I have been prescribed anti depressants which give me horrible dreams. I have yet to dream about my beloved husband who died 29th August this year. I’m not sure I want to dream of him just yet as when I awake and realise he is not alive this would upset me more.

Take comfort in your dreams Mel x