Was he really around?

Yesterday as I was going about my housework I heard a kind of tapping on the patio door, when I looked it was a robin . So I immediately put some bird seed out and when I went to the shop I picked up a bag of seed for robins came back and added this to the seed I put out earlier and this robin swooped down to eat . He stayed around the garden all day and I had only said to my mum the day before I wish I had a robin that would visit .
Later on I was at my daughters house with my grandson getting him ready for school and after breakfast I was playing a game on my phone and all of a sudden the game went off and a video of rob playing his ukulele and sing “ have you ever seen the rain “ started to play on my phone and my grandson said I can hear grandad ,I said did it bother you “ oh no he said I often hear him “ how sweet
Two things in one day .


What a great comfort for you. I truly believe that a Robin I a sign from your loved one saying he’s here watchin over you and saying don’t worry I’m ok.


Yes robins are so lovely . Last summer I was gardening at my daughters home with my grandson Charlie (5). A Robin was following us all afternoon as we moved around . I said to Charlie there’s grandad watching us . He was fascinated and told his mum later . Keeps grandad alive in his memory which is so special :two_hearts:


I lost a very dear friend before Christmas I was walking my dog and something brushed against my arm when I looked down it was a robin I know it was my friend saying hello :slight_smile:


I lost my fiance a couple of years ago… and she absolutely loved feeding the birds in the garden… We had a robin who always visited the garden, and usually they are quite territorial… since she passed… I have always had 2 robins in the garden… one of which will stay there until I acknowledge it and say ‘Hello Vicki’ it then looks at me tweets and then flies off… :heart: