Was this a sign from my wife

Hi, I was watching the TV last night and the TV changed to another channel on its own, I was not holding the remote at the time, it was on the table next to me.
I have read that this could be a sign from my wife letting me know she is with me, anyone else had this.
Take Care Mickere


Hi, sorry I haven’t had this experience but I have had others that make me believe my soulmate is watching over me. Sometimes I feel I am being told what to do and how to do it, knowing that it’s something I have no idea how to do. Hope that makes sense and helps you, I would say yes she is there keeping you in your place.:grinning:.Sxx

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@mickere A few weeks ago was sat in living room telly wasn’t on the digital box came on its own,when I stood up and walked to the telly the digital box knocked itself off. Strange things keep happening all the time.I like to think it’s my husband letting me know he is around. Angela


I believe in things like that. My opinion if your first thought is " Ooo, thats (name)" then it is…
I lost my Mum in July and have had a number of things happening . A song she wanted playing at her funeral , I havent heard it for years, keeps coming on the radio, lights flashing, butterfly keeps coming in my conservatory and staying for a while, when I took her ashes home the other day as we passed the Church the bells rang…it beings me comfort . So keep believing as its a lovely thought. My friend lost her Mum years ago and said she wished she could believe as she knows it would bring her comfort. Best wishes. Vicki


I have had so many unexplainable things happen since I lost the love of my life . We were always so connected I knew if something was wrong even before I found out and he was the same . I know that every time something strange happens it’s him telling me he’s still with me . It’s the only thing I’m grateful for in this horrendous nightmare. I’m sure that it was the same for you so can definitely relate to you .
Take care x


@mickere, this afternoon I was sitting in the garden reading next to the chair my husband always sat in because it was next to the pond.
When I looked up a butterfly had landed on the rim of my mug which was on the chair he used to sit in. It stayed there for ages.
This was after last week when a white feather appeared.
The garden was his favourite place to be so I’m not surprised I get most signs there. X


My cousin told me that after I had read my words at my Mum’s funeral three weeks ago, when I sat down a white feather appeared, circled my head then sat on my shoulder for a few seconds.


Ive had a shopping list appear twice now. Second time after i put it away. This weekend hoovered the front room turned round a white feather right in the middle of the carpet. There was only me in the house.