Watch this PLEASE!

Today is the1 year anniversary of my husbands diagnosis of Leukaemia. He died 20 weeks ago. I’ve been really finding it difficult, thinking of nothing else for days.

I had decided to give everyone a wide birth today because I felt so sad.

I wanted a distraction so I looked on YouTube and on the recommended front page was the excerpt from the Russell Howard show, where Rob Delaney is interviewed and talks all about losing his son to cancer and how his life has been. It is the most beautiful, moving and real thing I’ve ever seen where someone so eloquently speaks of loss, and it completely blew me away. He talks so candidly and you will have to excuse the liberal swearing but don’t let that put you off.

Yes it will make you cry but it is more than just sentimental. It’s something else.
It really helped me and it doesn’t matter whether you lost a child, a wife or another person you adored. It’s just spot on.

In a similar vein there is an interesting article in last Saturdays Times magazine about Steve Bland, husband of Rachel Bland, the 5 Live broadcaster, and son Freddie. Rachel presented the podcast ‘You, me and the Big C’ before her death.
Before she died she wrote a book for Freddie which has just been published.

Will summon up the courage to watch the video in a bit, Belladoo. My husband died 16 weeks ago, also from Leukaemia.
I read this letter from the musician, Nick Cave, on the death of his son, recently and thought it very moving.

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I’ve just watched the Rob Delaney video on YouTube. I’ve got to say it is very touching and he speaks so well about losing his baby son. He deals with many of the issues that are frequently discussed on this forum.

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