We are the rememberers

I read this today & it’s really helped me. Whilst we struggle through our days, remember whilst we are here so are they. I’ll never stop remembering our love or speaking your name Derek :heart:


What a lovely poem xx


How true thank you for sharing x


Beautiful, thank you xx


We definitely are because we will never forget xx


Whenever I see someone who knew my husband, I always leave them with the words please always remember him. I know that myself and our kids will always remember him but when friends and family stop contacting you and return to their normal lives it is painful to think that your loved one is being forgotten.


The most important people remember you and your children lv annie x big hugs x


Dear Annie11

Thank you. Finding things really hard. Just got probate through and cannot stop crying. Cannot believe that I am having to do these things instead of the wonderful retirement we had planned. xxxxx

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I understand Sheila John was retired 2 years I could retire till 5 month after he passed we didn’t have big plans just looking forward to spending time together life is cruel lv annie big hugs x x

We both lost our jobs in 2016 and so down-sized in preparation for our retirement. Husband found it difficult to get a job on the same level as he had held previously, and as he had worked for the same company for 21 years the job market was a real challenge to him. After many low-paid jobs I told him to just give up and retire, which he did in April 2019. I continued to work part-time and so looked forward to retiring and just sitting enjoying each others company only for me to loose him. I frequently find myself just sitting for hours, crying and wondering how this could have happened. xxx