We don't recover from grief...and that's OK!

Hello everyone
I know that many of you already know about the What’s your Grief website. Their latest post has just dropped into my inbox and I really think it will help each of us to read it and keep it on hand. I often feel helpless when I try to answer posts and worry that I may have been too negative because all of us are just waiting to feel the sun shine on us again and give us a little hope. This article says it all and makes it ok for us to be us…PLEASE go onto the site and read it!
Take care everyone x

I just read it before seeing your post amelie’sgran. I agree it is spot on. I recommend it to all. We have a right to our feelings, the positive and the negative.
I also refer to the book, “It Is Ok If You Are Not OK” by Megan Devine. Also validates our grief. Thank you. Warm, caring thoughts to everyone. Sister2

Thankyou so much for telling us about this. What a wonderful comforting read that was and it’s helped me SO much. I think the world and maybe ourselves feel we ought to be ok and we are not. And it says that is ok and normal! I sill keep this.

Thanks for that article, it is so true. I wish more people in society were aware of it.

Nihal Arthanayake tweeted earlier this year “Almost twenty years to the minute that my dad Tilak Arthanayake died. He was such an amazing man. If you’ve lost a parent you’ll know that you never really get over it. Perhaps you never really should”, with a photo of his dad underneath. He is absolutely correct (and it applies to all forms of grief, whether it be a parent, partner, child etc). I definitely will never get over the death of my dad, and neither you over your beloved Basil. Neither should we, they meant so much to us. It’s been a few years for you now, that makes me sad, your last post said you still have some days where life seems very bleak but you also have many days where you are glad to be alive, I am glad to read about the latter, because ultimately that is what they would want, isn’t it?

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