We lost our 27 yr old Son this week

We lost our Son who was 27 a couple of days ago. His name was Ollie.
He had been suffering with the after affects of a bone marrow transplant following leukaemia. He suffered so much.
I’m struggling to come to terms with his loss. It actually feels like a physical pain. Ollie had 3 siblings and I’m trying so hard for them but I feel sick to my stomach x the thought of sorting funeral arrangements is overwhelming

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Dear @Looezbib
I am so, so sorry for your loss, I can imagine what you are going through. The loss of a child is such a terrible tragedy. There are no words that can help or suggestions to help you cope but we here on this forum are in our own hell, trying to come to terms with our loss (16 weeks, my soulmate & covid) . Being able to share how you feel, saying exactly what you want here can help, knowing that we understand might help.
You dear children need you so much now, I hope you can get to the point of bring able to sit with them and remember how much you all loved and cherished Ollie. I went through the funeral arrangements in a total brain fog, if it wasn’t for my family it would not have been the beautiful service it was. I hope his siblings or wider are able to help you make the arrangements for Ollie’s celebration of life. I will be thinking of you tonight.