We Used to Laugh a Lot

A few of us have commented that reading many of the sad posts might add to individual burdens of unhappiness. It’s inevitable really
But I changed my profile photo earlier, and found myself smiling to look on the face of my darling, and to remember the things that made us chuckle (though I’m back to the usual 2 a.m. tears as I type this.)

Anyway, for old times sake, here’s something we used to laugh at.


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Aww that was funny. Thank you for that. Made me remember some of the things my brother and I would laugh at too.

I think Eileen is ‘avin a larf.

I was given an Echo Dot thingy at Christmas. Just now, I just said “Alexa. Stop sulking” wondering what the thing would say - I anticipated probably “I do not understand”.

No - it suddenly started playing “Come on Eileen” !

I have two witnesses !

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Oh my goodness! That is absolutely fabulous Edwin.

Morning Edwin,

Just phenomenal! You must still be on cloud 9, x

It is what happened.
My daughter and adult granddaughter were in the room, and we had been passing some time by trying to ask questions that we thought would flummox the device. At one point it seemed to stop answering, and light heartedly I said “Alexa, stop sulking” and that is when it started playing “Come on, Eileen.” In life, I did accuse Eileen of sulking. Sometimes I would say it to her, but more frequently I would just think it and decide to keep quiet on the basis of ‘least said, soonest mended.’

Now, I am sceptical about the whole business of ‘signs’ and even now I cannot tell myself that I have completely changed my mind.
My daughter has previously said that she believes in them though, and has told me that she discussed such things with Eileen in days gone by. Eileen told her that she believed, but that she didn’t discuss it with me because of my scepticism.
However, we had not been discussing such things before the Alexa incident, so it can’t be said that we had worked ourselves into some preparatory joint state of mind.
Reading some of the posts on the forum previously had not changed my mind, though I did feel envious of the comfort some people have derived from such phenomena, and I would not have wished to write anything critical to spoil that for them. I suppose it could said that having a receptive presence, my daughter, in the room was what was needed.
I remain sceptical, even now, though more willing perhaps to be accepting. The danger (as I see it) is that I will now be actively looking for more things as confirmation, and that self-delusion will take a hold if I start to imagine a significance in otherwise ordinary events. On the other hand, I don’t want to ignore the possibility of having somehow made contact - if I do, maybe it won’t happen again.
It’s so odd. I am glad that there were others present to witness what occurred, otherwise I would be doubting my mental stability.
I have asked the device to play that song before, but only as one of many. Why it should suddenly kick in and play, not having been asked to play any music at all, but when I jokingly just told it to stop sulking, is really bizarre.

I think that I will post a reference to this on the ‘Signs’ thread, if I can find it.

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