We were like a double act

We were like a double act you and I always together like salt and pepper, Morecambe and Wise, Laurel and Hardy. No one wants half of a double act I’m all alone now. When I see people they ask where’s Jim and I have to explain he’s gone. There sorry of cause but I don’t see them then they seem to avoid me. Nothing the same when your other half has gone I hate shopping for one my basket looks sad one tin soup, small loaf, one pint of milk then I queue up behind someone shopping with her partner like I used to with a trolley full laughing and enjoying life. We was a good double act you and I Jim, and I miss that so much you had an infectious laugh and great sense of humour.


Hi MIsprint,
I’m relating to every thing you say about you and Jim, you sound as though you had a wonderful relationship together with a lot of love and laughter.
It does knock you for six when you’re the one left, Shopping,cooking, cleaning and doing the washing for one is such a pain, in fact the whole being on your own is a pain. It effects every thing like a simple meal out, going for a walk and planning a holiday which i’ve yet to do after 3 years, just can’t see the point…Sorry to whinge but I’m having a bad day.
Love Jenny x


It’s so hard being alone and solely responsible for all the chores and maintenance of house and garden.
Jobs all piling up now as my husband was unable to do much for several months before he died. I am very wary of being ripped off by roofers, plumbers etc when they know you are a widow . Not saying they are all bad of course.
Prefer recommendations where possible.
Just have to try our best don’t we.


Hi misprint
I saw the title of your post and I knew I would relate to what you saying. We were the same used to have lots of laughs on our trips out. Mark had a great sense of humour which he managed to keep all the way through his illness.
Take care xx


You are spot on @Misprint I understand completely. We were the fun folk, we had our own brand of crazy and life was a real adventure, discussions were epic, loud and entertaining. Together. But no more. Taking one cup out and only using one plate makes me wonder why I should keep all these cupboards full.

I so miss his crazy unique sense of humour, I miss him shouting for me using and purposely mispronouncing my maiden name when he was pretend angry with me. So much fun, nothing left now. 13 months gone and it’s hard, so very hard. Half life sucks.


Hi all. I can identify with everything you have all written.
Pete and I were known locally as Hinge and Bracket although I only found this out after her died.
He was such fun and so caring always knowing how to deal with every situation.
He was always smiling and when I used to tell him he was charismatic he would roar with laughter but he certainly was.
We had a non religious funeral and I feel the tributes just confirmed that he made a big impact on everyone who met him. He was just good through and through!
I feel so lost and empty, can’t face shopping for one and get all my food delivered, I used to love cooking but can’t be bothered, life has no meaning for me now.
Thank you all for helping me to feel like I’m not completely alone.
This forum has helped.


I feel the same I used to love cooking for my husband some times he would cook now as wel all feel shopping cooking every thing for one is horrible I don’t like shopping for one I only go if I have the family telling me they are coming for dinner that is hard going I go into panic now well I only feel halo person best half has gone I don’t know how to live life without him been together 47 yrs I don’t want to learn feeling rubbish this morning it’s getting harder been 10 months longer it goes more I miss him hope some of you are managing better
Take care


My friend used to send her Xmas card to us calling us Hinge & Bracket, I so get that…

My husbands funeral was also non religious and was lovely. We had a humanist who kept to the script very well, I had strong reasons for asking him to do so. My MIL’s funeral wasn’t good, was a very religious one but the priest might have well said “insert name here” as the pre meetings we had with him to tell him what she was & what she was to us, was all lost on the day.

My husband used to declare (very loudly) that he was a good man. I used to tease him & tell him he didn’t decide, I (& friends, family) decided. Well he was and I’m so very very sorry I didn’t tell him more often. He was a good man. And that’s what it says on his woodland burial plaque. A good man
. If football hadn’t highjacked the Tina Turner song, Simply the Best …… I could have used that.
He was so anti-football.
No, you are not alone, this is what we have now.
take care

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Hello Maigret,
Have you watched Schitts Creek ? If not I highly recommend …listen to David singing Simply the Best to Patrick. Its on you tube.
Best wishes,


Hello Ellen
I’ve seen trailers for that prog but never watched it. Will try & find that song on you tube. I do love the words, btw I seen Tina Turner live in 1990.
Thank you
and another sleepless night


Think we all can relate to this …hate everything about widow life it will be 2 year’s in June and it doesn’t get any easier and why should it . :sleepy:


Thanks for that Ellen3 that’s made my day . Was having a melt down then played that it cheered me up no end, all be it for a few minutes. Thanks will look out for film looks enjoyable xx


3 years a widow thought I was getting better - even during lockdown managed life slowly improving. Then wham two of my family members ( brother and daughter) diagnosed with cancer- back to square one and my loss has magnified again - lost my mum 6 months before my husband - life sucks - I’m not sure about anything anymore - surely life can only improve- sorry for bleating but not sure of the future outlook. I wish you all well and hopefully life can slowly improve .regards

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I’m so sorry life is hard enough dealing with loss of our soul mate you managed to find the strength some how to deal with your loss I hope you find the strength to cope life is so cruel take care xx

I understand you pain, I lost my wife last week to breast cancer and I am absolutely gutted. The sadness I feel is immense, I picture her on the bed we set up in the front room so I was able to care for her and my heart breaks. I see her face when I go to bed and find myself having a panic attack, which I’ve never had in my life. My partner was my world and now I don’t know where I’m at. Will things get better.

I also have trouble getting the picture of my husband during his last days on the bed in our living room out of my head. It often appears when I’m trying to get to sleep.
I remember when my dad died I struggled with the same thing and people said in time you will remember the good times and get the good pictures in your head. It took a good while but it did happen so hoping given time same thing will happen.
Let’s hope so xx

I know how you feel , lost my partner of 40 years 3 months ago and I am on my own in the house. Having to deal with all this is so draining and there is no one who I can sound off to, I miss his company so much , the isolation overwhelms me at times and the loneliness. My heart goes out to you and everyone else suffering the loss of their loved one , its not an easy road this path of grief, I hope we have the strength to get thru it.

I can relate as well. I lost my bryan on 27th February 2022 to a sudden heart attack while we were walking in a beauty spot. Bryan had been suffering congential heart failure for a year, but before that we did so much together. From Cornwall to John o groats we travelled at first as me a pillion on the back of his bike but then on my own motorbike. Bryan was lover my best friend my riding partner and my everything. Just had his funeral today which was a biker funeral and it was lovely , and I miss him with every beat of my heart. I have told people that I’ll ride my motorbike again but I just can’t see it this year , and next year looks like a blur. I know he had to leave me as he wasn’t well and I take comfort from yhe fact he went quick but it doesn’t stop the pain


dear @Cheesekake101
my heart hurts for you and I am so sorry you’ve now joined this band of grieving, sad and lost souls.
I understand your pain.

I lost my husband 14 months ago, we were bikers too, what a wonderful life we had. I can’t bring myself to go into our garage, all those bikes, all his tools & wee and big projects, tools laid out on bench. I can’t even think about a day when I will ride my bike again. I cannot even maneuver it out the garage, it’s too big too heavy and I am so weak now. He was a kind, funny, big bear of a man whose arms just wrapped around me and kept me safe, warm and happy, He didn’t deserve to die - covid………….


I lost my wife, Bev, seven weeks ago to Cancer. She was only ill for ten weeks but I cannot get the vision of her suffering in those last few days out of my mind. We were lucky that she was in the Macmillan Palliative Care unit at the Northern General where she had excellent care. We were together for 50 years and married for nearly 48 years. My two children have been and still are really supportive but the loneliness in the house we shared is unbearable. We shopped, gardened and did everything together as a team and I am struggling to cope without her by my side.