Wedding anniversary

Feeling really low tonight, our wedding anniversary tomorrow not sure wot to do, I no I won’t do anything but cry, just needed to tell someone who understands, I no people on here do understand how I feel, sending hugs to all x

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I’m so sorry Chelsea, I know how hard it is. I spent my last Wedding Anniversary with my wonderful husband at the Chapel of Rest. I know that every wedding anniversary from now on will be so hard as I will think of that day as well as the fact that he’s not here but I had to be with him for just one more. Just take the day one breath at a time. My thoughts will be with you

Thank you so much, I’m thinking of going to the crematorium just to sit and say a prayer, no day is a good day any more, sending you hug x

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Dear Chelsea

Our anniversary was six months after my husband died and I had the jab the day before the event and was ill. Probably a combination if I am being honest side effects of the jab and overwhelming grief but I stayed in bed all day. I had planned in going out for the day and had gone through our wedding album the days before which was really difficult. Pictures of me and my husband in love and full of hope and dreams for the future. It was out 39th anniversary and we had planned a trip - pandemic permitting - to Australia for our 40th. We were so proud to have had such a long and happy marriage.

Will be thinking of you. Do whatever you feel you have to do to get through this day.

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I went to the cinema on our wedding anniversary, I couldn’t stay in the house as it would be to upsetting. I watched Peter Rabbit 2 and it was a great distraction. So this it what I intend to do on birthdays and the anniversary of our first date. I have all 3 things coming up now over the next 6 weeks . They say the firsts are the hardest, we have to just try and get through it the best way we can.

I spent the morning at the crematorium, sat and prayed which helped a little, but as soon as I came home I felt the pain, I no I won’t sleep tonight, we was always in Greece this time of year, our honeymoon was there so every year on this date we went to a different part if Greece, it hurts,

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We used to go to Greece for our holidays and spent our honeymoon in Kos. I’m sure I will never go to Greece again, without him it would be to painful. It’s hard to plan things to do on your own but I’m trying to move on and have booked a holiday for next year in the UK. Just me and my dog who has been a godsend to me. I’m sure I would not be coping if it wasn’t for him.
Anniversary’s are so hard. The anniversary of our first date is in a couple of months, for me this will be the hardest day of all as it’s when my life changed for ever , so much for the better as he was my second marriage after a very unhappy first one. Life really isn’t fair is it . I hope you get so sleep tonight and have a better day tomorrow.

We loved Corfu, but we did go all over Greece, I could never go back there without him, our first date is couple months away, life so very hard and lonely isn’t it, your world falls apart, sending a hug

It’s so eye opening to read how many of these posts are exactly what I’m thinking or feeling. I truly am not alone in my grief. I,too, am just existing day to day. Losing my husband is the most painful experience of my life. I, too just want to die and be with him again. No more joy. I wonder if I will run out of tears one day.

Hello @Barb11,

I’m so sorry to read about your husband and that you just want to die - it sounds like the grief and pain you are experiencing is overwhelming.

I just wanted to reach out to thank you for sharing so honestly and to let you know there is lots of other support out there. I can see you are in Arizona - I’m not aware of the support available out there but would really encourage you to speak to someone about how you are feeling. The following website might also help you find support services closer to home: Befrienders Worldwide.

You deserve care and support, @Barb11 - keep on reaching out.

Take care,

Online Community team

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Thanks for your kind words and concern. My best friend is a therapist and grief counselor and assures me what I’m expressing is normal. I would never really harm myself. Sometimes the loss is so profound you just want to stop the pain. Grief is a process isn’t it? It just seems never ending. :heart: