Wedding Anniversary

Today is our 44th Wedding Anniversary.
I met Doug when I was seventeen, he was one of the regular coach drivers that took me to work. We quickly became friends, friendship turn to love and we married when I was twenty and Doug was thirty eight.
My mum and dad and others had reservations about the age difference, and some thought I must have been pregnant :slight_smile:. We do have children but not until three years later.
But mum and dad came to love Doug as did many others in my family.
We have a daughter and son both with lovely partners, and five granddaughters and one grandson.
It wasn’t all plain sailing, like most marriages there were storms along the way, but we always sailed through them and came out the other side into calm water.
I love Doug and he loved me. I remember like yesterday the day before he died, he constantly kept saying I love you, now looking back I wonder if he knew he was dying.
If I could relive my life and choose again I would still choose him.
And today, Good Friday, I am celebrating how luck I am to have met such a wonderful man and our 47 years together, 44 years married.
Last year I planted a flowering cherry on our anniversary, and I have a special area in our garden where some of his ashes are scattered so he is always near me.
Happy Anniversary Doug :revolving_hearts: I miss you like crazy :sparkling_heart::kissing_heart:



Beautiful post - love in every word .A love story for Easter with pictures that demonstrate that love. Poignant and bittersweet as he is no longer there in physical form, but I am sure you are still swaddled in his love. Xx

Thank you Jenna.
Our daughter sent this to me this morning, just wanted to share. X X


It is perfect - Lovely daughter


So beautiful Debbie. Such lovely words about a strong & happy marriage xx

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Hi Debbie, the love you have for Doug is so obvious in your beautiful words and photographs. That is something that you will always have and be able to hold on to. I hope you were able to acknowledge your anniversary in a lovely way with your family.
Take care,
Amanda x