Wedding Anniversary

Today would have been our 46th wedding anniversary but sadly we only made it to 44 as my darling John died Easter last year. However our youngest son got married on this day last year so of course I wish him every happiness on his first wedding anniversary. He’s on holiday now with his wife and her family so I’m just here alone again thinking of what we would have done today. I’ve been trying so hard to pull my life together but on days like today the sadness is unbearable. Perhaps an afternoon with my other son and his family will help. I love you John, always will :heart::heart:


Dear @Georgie15

I am sorry to hear of the loss of your husband last year. Any Anniversary is hard and it is hard to get through them as is every anniversary. It does help to have things planned for the day.

It would be good for you to spend time with your other son and his family as it is important to keep busy on the day. Cruse have information on anniversaries which may be of help to you.

Sue Ryder has a a Grief Guide which may be of help and support to you also.

Please continue to reach out and take care.


Thank you Pepsi
Every day is a challenge but I’m doing my best to carry on. Yes keeping busy does help and I have lots planned. It’s just days like this, sitting on my own when it hits me hard again.
I’ll be ok as I have great family and friends who support and spoil me :wink:

All the best
Georgina x


@Georgie15 thinking of you. I have yet to deal with anniversaries as my husband died 4 months ago. I am absolutely dreading Christmas this year. It won’t be the same and never will be without those we loved so deeply. Take care. x


Thank you for your kindness.
I had my first Christmas without John last year and is wasn’t easy. My sons rallied round and made sure I wasn’t on my own. I put on a brave face for the grandchildren and we had a reasonably good time. To be honest I was glad when it was as over but this year I plan to go to Australia in January (on my own) to join family there. I feel I need something major to look forward to and something to re-set my life. I’m trying to make the most of the time I have left in memory of my John would will
be beside me all the way.

4 months is no time at all. For the first six months I was in denial. I even made him a cup of tea when I made myself one. Then gradually the fog cleared and I’ve learned to live alongside this sadness which I feel will never leave me.

BIG hugs.
Georgina :heart:


Georgina, I am sure John is watching over you and would be proud of you in trying to move forward. It really is an everyday battle living without our loved one. We were married 25 years and I miss the everyday things we did together. The future fills me with dread but
I know Michael would want me to carry on and I will. We have to, we don’t have a choice but the loneliness without him is absolute torture. I really do wish you well and hope that in time we can all find some sort of peace. Big hugs back to you. x


I do sometimes feel trying to move forward is a betrayal to him but I know he would want me to be happy ish !!

Much love

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@Georgie15 Not a betrayal at all. Don’t be hard on yourself, John would have wanted you to move forward as you would for him if he had been left in this situation. xx

Hi @Georgie15
I hope you were able to celebrate your anniversary love for your husband today and see your other son. It’s 3 months since my husband passed, we we’re together 30yrs and I have all my firsts to face including my 21st wedding anniversary this Thursday! I’m dreading it but want to celebrate our love the best way I can but I’m still unsure what to do with myself as we usually planned a holiday or weekend break around it. I had thought of booking a night somewhere but the thought of travelling/checking in/entering a lovely room all on my own without him to share in the excitement of it would be too heartbreaking. Whatever I do I’ll make it special for us. I can’t even let myself think about Christmas. Oh how life has been turned upside down and everything I loved celebrating I’m now dreading. Wishing you comfort and hope x

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