Wedding anniversary

So i need some reassurance im not going mad. My sister died suddenly in March and today would have been my sister and brother in laws 25th wedding anniversary. I had prepared myself for it in the sense of supporting my brother in law but in my head it was very much an important day to them, not me. But ive woken up really upset and feeling very much like its only just happened. Is this weird? Ive been dreading her birthday in two weeks but being upset at her wedding anniversary never crossed my mind.

Hello vivmt

Anniversaries can be hard, it’s normal to feel upset around big occasions, including occasions that would have meant something to your sister. They are reminders of what our loved ones aren’t getting to celebrate, it’s absolutely normal to find this brings back strong memories and feelings. It’s not weird and you aren’t going mad. Be gentle with yourself today.

I’m sure the community will have more words of advice and comfort to share, but know that you’ve been heard.

Take care, Rhi