Wedding Anniversary

Hi Everyone
I am not knowing what to do today just can’t settle
It’s our 48th wedding anniversary today the first one since he died
I think I will go to crematorium where we scattered his ashes. Then I change my mind.
How do you carry on without the love of your life
Speaking earlier today to a friend who’s wife died 6 years ago
He has a new girlfriend and moving in But still cried when talking about his wife.
Does it ever get any better as I just don’t want to live like this for the rest of my life
Hugs to you all

Hi June,

How are you feeling today? I can’t imagine how difficult yesterday must have been for you. Did you settle on something to do? I’ve read a piece of advice on this forum a few times about approaching anniversaries and difficult days in chunks and hour by hour, rather than trying to manage the whole day.

I noticed another thread a few days ago about wedding anniversaries, started by Virgo825. Perhaps you might like to have a read of that?

Take care of yourself,

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