…I now hate weekends…I’m picking up I’m not alone…here’s to another lonly Sunday…:heavy_heart_exclamation:

Life is getting really tough
My strength is getting thin
With every weekend that goes by
I feel like giving in

The weekends were our favourite time
When working or retired
But my will to the things we did
Has now expired

From Friday through to Monday
We would have our set routine
Alfresco drinks and football games
With darts thrown in between

Now on my own within our house
My lonliness laid bare
The pain I feel I can’t describe
Knowing your not there

Saturday now just a day
To get through on my own
I try to keep things as they were
But I feel so alone

Sunday was our special day
We always set apart
Together time in every way
But now the day is dark

And when I try to socalise
Within our family tree
To be with happy couples
Is just devastating me

You know I find so difficult
Some things you loved to do
Helping with the grand kids was
A natural thing for you

I really want to see these things
As solace from my pain
But weekends underline how much
I’m missing you again

Everyday is torture now
That you have gone away
But weekends are the worst of all
My weekends are so grey

…my thoughts are with everyone on this forum…today was a bad day…:sleepy:


Thank you, again…
Have you considered putting all your poems into a book and getting it published?
You should.

Hugs for another lonely Sunday
And I just hope today is a bit less horrid than yesterday


@UnityMan, thank you for your poems, sharing feelings with others who are unfortunately going through the same torture, gives us hope and comfort to get through particularly bad days.
I hope you are all at least getting some sunshine. This is the second month of daily rain for us (Italy), and these low-pressure weather conditions just won’t leave us alone. You’ve probably seen on the news, the severe flooding and victims, thousands losing their homes, I’m not in those areas, fortunately. This is so unusual, especially this time of year. Continuous grey, cold, rainy days does not help my grey mood​:umbrella::sob:.


Bless you, and love to Italy through this difficult time for your country.
( My grandmother was Italian)

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How sweet of you @Cathphil, thank you. :heart:.


Yep weekends are the pits ! But you know what i think is even worse - does anybody care ? The one person who did care has gone :frowning: x


Yes…that’s the reality increasingly :sleepy::heavy_heart_exclamation:


@Deb5 @UnityMan

Yes ,I’ve had a terrible weekend.

It definitely seems like nobody else cares anymore, nobody realises that my grief (our grief) hasn’t changed just cause of time, and just because they have moved on

This weekend has brought me the stark realisation that this is truly a very very very lonely journey
And the only person who can understand me, and help me through this …us the one who isn’t here

sorry … Feeling the worst I have tonight

Love and hugs to you all … Who I know are struggling BIG TIME too


I know - the very person who loved and cared for us the most in the whole world has gone ! Thats what breaks my heart … everytime :frowning: soz im feeling well sorry for myself tonight too xxx