Welcome to the new Losing a Sibling category

Hello everyone,

I’ve had some requests lately to set up a category on this site for posts about losing a brother or sister. There have been a few active conversations lately between people in this situation, so it does seem that there is a need for a place where you can easily find and talk to each other.

@agmo1986, @Sister2, @Clare610, @Jianye, @Julia1963, @Mimi1961 - I’ve moved in a few existing conversations that you’ve started or posted in, so that they can easily be found by other bereaved siblings, and so that the new category doesn’t start out empty.

I hope that’s OK with everyone. If you want to chat more with other bereaved siblings, please do carry on posting in the moved conversations as normal, or start a new conversation in this category. I hope this will be an active and supportive place for bereaved siblings to talk.

If you have any questions or feedback, you can reply to me here, or email me at online.community@sueryder.org.


Thank you Priscilla for considering my suggestion. I had been hoping for a space where those of us grieving the loss of a sibling, could gather and share this unique and often disenfranchised type of loss.
I am sure this new category will attract many of those in need. Xxx Sister2
:broken_heart: A Sad Sister in Mourning

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