What actual support is there

3 weeks today at 9pm my lovely wife passed away aged 53. I guess I was fortunate to have nearly 3 days with her after an unexpected 7 night stay in hospital because of the GP wrongly diagnosis of menopause when it was cancer.
In those 3 days I was told there is lots of support there. Other than the nice people on here not much else. I know covid don’t help but I would have thought my GP would have made contact

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I’m so sorry for your loss, 53 is no age and I know you must be going through hell as I am,

When my wife died everyone rallied round but since the funeral the number of people contacting me has shrunk, I suppose they think “leave him to grieve and don’t upset him” well I am upset, my GP hasn’t called me, she died very suddenly and I found her on the floor, cold. I think the support is left to others that are grieving, unless you hunt down a service, feel free to contact me if you need to chat

It is so hard when the world seems to just carry on when each of us who has lost that someone precious feels our world has stopped …l
Today I went out for the first time in a while and as i sat in the car the realization that the world was indeed still going about its business …was the strangest of feelings …when people stop asking how you are or they stop calling it can be so easy to think no one cares …but those important to us do I hope you both find peace in your hearts …

I understand that bab1, people seem to leave you to it after the funeral, i went outside and cried over the loss of my wife, i don’t know what the future will hold and I’m dreading it, its my birthday this Sunday and I’ll be alone, no card from my wife and my heart will be grieving, i wish i could cancel my birthday, it will be a sad day without her.

Ask yourself what your wife would be wanting you to do and be saying to you Sunday Chas…how can you best take care of yourself on that day …another day .that will be extra hard for you as she wont physically be with you …I think aniversary and other speacial days are another mountain we climb when we are grieving…I know in just a few weeks I would have been celebrating 40 years of marriage …but in some ways I also have beautiful memories from last Sept when we renewed our wedding vows …(I knew we wouldnt get to celebrate together this July ) memories / photos cant replace having our loved ones by our side …but they eventually can remind us of all the good times that we had …be kind to yourself Sunday Chas…

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