What do I do now?

Two weeks ago my husband was killed in a motorcycle accident, it was very sudden and I can’t comprehend that he isn’t coming back.

I had the perfect life and now it has been shattered, I know it’s only 2 weeks but what do I do now?

I always strive to move on from things quickly and make rash decisions. Some of which I’m doing now, is this normal.

The funeral isn’t for another 2 weeks and I’m on leave from my job and feel in limbo.

Hi Bikerchick
I know what you are going through, my husband took his own life six months ago, I still feel totally lost. The pain at times can feel unbearable and I just feel empty and so alone even though I have three grown up sons.
All I can say is just get through each day and try not to think about the future. I have found this site to be comforting at times, it makes you realise there’s not only you in this terrible situation.
Thinking of you.

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