what do i do?

my mam passed away in february and ive been supporting my dad since then, he has his own health issues. i went into the mode of just being there, helping dad with bills, notifying people, organising service, etc. i was there before helping dad look after her an i never went home for awhile from her passing til after funeral. other family members came and went and did thier greiving in thier own way but i feel like i havnt had a chance to even think about it, ive been so busy with dad, work, my own family, to even contemplate how her passing has affected me. how did others cope in the same situstion???

My dad passed away last April and I did the same for my mum helped sort everything else,it all hit me after my dads funeral but I was still fighting to make things right for my dad also as errors were made leading up to his death.i find it really hard and finding it even harder now,I try and concentrate on my daughter and even been trying meditation,all this does help and its just finding things that will help you too,it is soo much harder living under restrictions but if you ever want to talk I am here,my thoughts are with you. Xxxxxx

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thank you im trying to keep going but sometimes its really hard

Same here,I’m here if u want to talk.x

Hi gillp. I understand what you’re going through. My mum passed away 18months ago, and I am responsible for dealing with her paperwork and looking after my teen brothers. It’s hard because you need to keep busy and be the ‘responsible’ one, so you don’t process your own grief.
After a year and a half i still don’t feel like it’s sunk in properly. I can’t believe she’s gone and I don’t know how to be sad about it without feeling guilty or like i should be supporting everyone else.

I understand how difficult it is when it feels like everyone is able to grieve except for you. And when you do it feels like you’re burdening other people.

The only things that i can suggest that sometimes work for me are exercise/getting outside, doing things that make you feel close to your Mum, forcing yourself to take some time out from other people and just be alone doing things you like… for me it is reading and TV. It’s so hard, my heart goes out to you and I’m here if you ever need to talk xx

thank you im glad its not just me, mam always said i was cold hearted because i keep my feelings to myself. i was painting my kitchen last week listening to music then out of nowhere i was a crying mess on the floor in a heap cos ‘Dream’ by the Everly Bros came on. felt so stupid

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