What do you do

I’m a part time community carer and on my days off I more often than not feel so alone and fed up and just don’t know what to do . I have various activities I do in an evening ie crosswords , colouring, reading etc but I just don’t want to sit all day doing them . I go for a walk ( if I feel like it) . I potter about my house and garden . What do you all do when your feeling the same as I am right now .


I have to say pretty much the same as you!
It so hard to get motivated when you feel lonely and sad but I set myself jobs around the house or garden. I find if I complete something I feel I’ve achieved something
I also try and go out most days whether it’s to meet someone for a coffee or just a walk. Having a dog helps! I find getting out in the real world helps on the really bad days
Evenings/weekends are the worst. I tend to watch tv , read, I’ve have even taken to doing a jigsaw puzzle to take my mind off things and pass some time.
Hopefully over time we’ll get used to being alone and it won’t be a case of trying to fill the emptiness.


I also do much the same and also been doing little diy jobs around the house. I find it’s not too difficult to fill the time during the day. Like @Doughtyj I hate the evenings and weekends. The house is so quiet then. I tend to see less people as no work and friends and family are busy doing their own thing. I also hope one day I can be content being on my own but I’m not a solitary type of person.

Jan17 exactly my house used to be such a hive of activity and noise . The kids always had mates round ,scooter lads would turn up wanting rob to fix their scooters . Now none of that happens it’s the complete opposite end of the spectrum . Take care x


One of the best things I did, was to dust off my ukulele and join local uke clubs. I play it to my dogs and fish when Im alone at home, but go every week to have a bash and a laugh with others. Its important to have activities outside the home. Ive made loads of new friends.
Id suggest you search out your local U3a organisation, where people organise themselves to share interests, trips out etc. Its full of people who are like us.

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Join a gym? It’s been a godsend for me. Even if I have to force myself there sometimes, it gets you out, meeting new people and you always feel better after going. Classes are fun as that’s when you meet others and chat x