What do you find which helps?

I thought maybe we could share tips on what we do which help each of us to cope with our loss.

My main thing is to keep busy. I have a lot of extra things which I HAVE to do plus there are things I WANT to do as soon as I have the time.
I am making quilts for me and my daughters from my husbands clothes and I intend to make a scrapbook of memories and photos.

I feel very lucky to have a faith which helps me. I honestly don’t know that I would be coping as well as I am some days without that. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still an uphill journey but I am at least functioning well and even have days without tears six months after losing me beloved Richard.


Hi KarenF

This is a lovely idea, thank you for sharing. The quilts sound a beautiful way to remember your husband.

Take good care, Rhi


Hi @KarenF,

I love the idea of your quilts. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I too, have to keep busy but also allowing some quiet time alone with my thoughts, usually outside somewhere if possible. I think it’s important to have that quiet time.

One of my greatest comforters though, is my journal; this is where I write to my husband telling him anything and everything.

I would love to see your quilts when they’re finished; perhaps you could post a photo of them.

Sending love x


Hi @Crazy_Kate
Journaling sounds like a great idea. I keep meaning to simply write down what I have been doing each day to look back on and see how I coped but I’m useless at spending that time.
Writing to your husband sounds a great idea.

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Hi there
I’ve also thought about journaling again. I did write every day for the first two years but I was so consumed with grief that nothing made sense except how I felt and my sadness. Now I might be able to put down things of interest. I am going to give it a try again and then I can compare those early months to now.
P xxx

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I’ve done some gardening in fits and starts and I’m meditating and drawing every day. I phone a friend most days and meet up at least once a week. I’m counting anything as a win at the moment including doing the washing up or just getting up and dressed before lunch!

My sister bought me a journal when he went into hospital, but I haven’t even opened it.

Hi Moirarae

Anything I do around the house and garden is an achievement for me now. I just want to curl up and disappear most of the time.
I do text Ian several times a day as I find it comforting and it keeps him with me.

Take care x