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Well Iv just had a weeks annual leave off work and my god what a week it’s been . The hardest thing is not having my rock to share it with , then my chihuahua had a cluster of seizures and had to be rushed to the vets she’s now on life long meds .
My kids have been falling out they are grown up and have left home otherwise I would have banged their heads together. Then I put my tv on and picture but no sound can’t change channels coz it all goes black . I won’t forget this leave I. A hurry and I don’t want another one like it . I would LOVE to have those evenings back when rob would say how’s ya day been. Once upon a time I had everything a loving husband ,two kids in the house , a house which was a hive of activity and now I have NOTHING I know we should be thankful for what we have got though .


I often feel that way Kazzer. Like you, my house was once full of fun and laughter. Mum, dad, two kids, 2 dogs. Now there’s just me and I hate it. I try not to wallow in self pity but sometimes it’s so very hard. I find myself wondering how the hell it went from that to this. If only we could turn back time. If I had a special power, that’s what it would be…


Hi Kazzer and Kate
Same here. One minute were busy mums and wives, moaning about the work we have to do and combining it with being a working Mum and then we are all alone and of no particular interest to anyone although some of the family are great but do they think of me as their old Granny. Yuk. I don’t feel like one so I don’t want to be one.
I don’t wish it would all come back as I don’t see the point and have to accept this is it and as good as it gets.
Kazzer I had a year when everything went wrong. Believe it or not three laptops broke, my wifi gave up, TV, fuses blew. Hot water boiler twice. No hot water for a month. These things seem to be sent to test us…


Crazy_kate I’m not a big fan of life as it is but Iv been in that very dark road but managed to get off it with professional help for the sake of my kids and grandkids but it’s bloody hard. I HATE!!! The evenings and night times take care and keep talking

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