What have you all done today ?

During the 33 years of marriage and when the kids were little our holidays were attending scooter rally’s.
Rob loved his scooters , I loved and still do northern soul music and as the rally’s were always at a seaside place we all got something . Today I have been listening to northern soul music and taking a lovely trip down memory lane.
These memories are now my vacations if only we could turn back the hands of time we didn’t realise at the time just how important these days would become. My daughters always says “ I can remember going on holiday to a scooter rally” she looks back fondly on them and when we are together me my son and daughter and we get talking about them we always end up laughing. After all these years my son is now working in a scooter shop .


Hi Kazzer

Not today, yesterday, I was in the Lake District checking out a few walks to caves. I run a travel group for widows/ers and we are in the Lakes in 3 weeks time, visiting Hodgehope Quarry, Cathedral Cave and Rydal Caves. Something a little different from our usual visits to the Lakes.
Hope the photos upload ok.


John3 thank you for sharing your photos of your walk it looks so tranquil

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This message just popped up. I was back at the cave two weeks ago with a group I run. We had a great week in the Lakes even though we had a little rain.

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