What now?

We held my Dad’s final goodbye service yesterday - although it was the second hardest day of my life (after the day of his passing), everything went as planned and I know that he would have loved all the elements we incorporated.
So - my question is …… what now? I think I imagined that I would wake up today and feel a sense of relief that he had been laid to rest and that I would be ready to slot back into routines - but that was not the case when I opened my eyes this morning. Today I have felt just as lost and emotional as I did on the day after he passed. I am expected back at work at the end of the week and I don’t know what to do.


Hi @Dee29,

I personally didn’t find the funeral or the scattering of the ashes as ‘closure’ for my mum and I feel more lost now some days than ever.
I wouldn’t expect too much from yourself to slot back into ‘normal’ as it may take a while. Depending on what you do for work it may help to get a little routine but see if you can get a phased return back to work so as not to overwhelm you.

When my mum was here I knew who I was and where I fitted in to things but since I lost her I have no idea who I am, what to do etc.

Please take time to yourself (and it doesn’t matter how long it takes) and to get to know yourself and if need be kinda reinvent yourself. Stay true to how you feel and don’t let any family or friends put a time limit on your grieving.

Blessings to you,

Suzanne x

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Sorry for your loss. To be honest nothing can give you closure. My therapist said there is happy, neutral and sad right now I should only aim for the neutral.
Take care…