What’s the point in carrying on

Well spirits have been picked up. They will help with keeping the lodge going and the charitable fund. People don’t realise how much the masons do for charity. Any major catastrophe they will give money to plus local charities. They have also taken a lot of the coffee filter papers my husband had bought and I couldn’t reach. He also delivered the paracetamol to my neighbour. Now I am going to have to put the light in as it is coming over very dark.


Spent most of the day sorting out the tool boxes in the shed with help from Teddy n George guarding us lol.evenings are the time i dont like now really miss cuddling up with my gorgeous beautiful fantastic wife sue watching TV with Teddy n George snuggling up next to us both

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I am sorry for your loss, it is not easy but you have done it you have off loaded your thoughts and emotions and you are at the right place. All I can say is do what you can, I don’t know what to do without my soulmate but I just find myself doing what I can. I told myself he lives in me, in my heart and I never leave him in everything I do and that helps me. I miss him so much, every day I am learning to live without my best friend and my husband.