What’s the point in life

I recently lost my wife ,the love of my life ,my soulmate .We were together for 37 years since age 16. I am lucky to have supportive family around me ,but I can’t help feeling like a part of me has died already the day she went away.I can’t find any point in going on without her she was my life .everything I did was for her and our life together .I feel like my world has ended ,I am just existing doing everything in robot mode .


Hi Terry - god i feel for you. Its devastating losing someone you built a life around. Even though you have people around you, you feel so isolated. Ive only just started my journey too - my darling partner died suddenly at home in March. We’d shared our life for 36 years and were making so many plans for the rest of our retirement. You just feel robbed. Im new to using this forum but have already found it helpful to hear other peoples stories and realise that there are others sharing grief and understanding our pain. Try to keep strong. Im trying to rebuild a life and move forward and its so so hard but has to be done. My lovely Graham wouldnt want to see me fall apart - he always said I was his rock, so i will try hard to keep going. Please try too. God bless.


Im 5 weeks in today, my wife was disabled for past 12 years of our 22 together, my life revolved around her, the house was always busy, carers, nurses and her whizzing around on her chair. Now just emptiness, silence, just me and the dogs. Just seems so pointless.


So Sorry for your loss . It is so hard losing someone you loved so deeply . I’ve never imagined how it would be even though we new Tracey’s diagnosis last year was a death sentence


I know exactly what you mean . We too had all the nurses coming and going . Family popping in ect . Now all I have is deadly silence and my dogs to keep me company


I think everyone feels a part of them has died with them, all my dreams, future plans and part of my world died the same day as my husband.