What shoukd i be doing?

I’m feeling so confused and if im honest a little angry. Iblost my mam suddenly just over a week ago, we’ve not had the funeral yet so somehow it still doesn’t feel real. Im jot sure how i shoukd be feeling, what o should be doing or even where i should be! Im angry because of this, im angry atblife for taking her away and im a little angry at mam for leaving, even though i know it wasnt her choice.
I’m trying so hard to be strong for my dad and sister as well as my partner and kids but sometimes i feel as though i want to sit in the dark and sob. I have a great support network around me but have never felt so alone :pensive:


Talking to people on here helps. I lost my husband who was 44, 6 weeks ago. I’m trying not to be angry as I personally don’t think I should be. I had 13 wonderful years with him he was the love of my life and I know he wouldn’t have left me by choice. I do get days where I see people and think why are they still here and get angry at that. There are so many emotions in grief it’s really hard. Take tiny steps and hour by hour.


Yeh the anger is a part of grief :frowning: i was so damn angry with everybody at beginning as i had lost my lovely husband ;( i have noticed recently my anger is coming back but not as bad. But you know what i dont care ! Its how i feel cos i lost my lovely man and i miss him everyday ! Xx