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I have been on this site for a while and it has helped. I lost my adored husband on 30 May and it is sheer hell. I feel guilty saying that because I have great support from my lovely family but I still feel awful and as if there is nothing left for me without him
Anyway, today, I got out our holiday folders. I always kept a folder for every holiday we took, complete with photos, postcards and all the funny things we did and said. They are lovely to look back on, at least, they were. Now I am not so sure as they make me cry. That said, I am so glad I have got those memories in a physical form and not just in my head. But they do hurt!! What do others think?

Thank you so much. What you said makes a load of sense. One day when I am up to it (and I hope and pray I will be one day) I will try again and perhaps then they will help.

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So very true!

Oh Ann 30 of may is not so very long ago and everything is still so raw for you. Don’t feel guilty, its ok to admit how you feel thats what this site is, its freedom to say how you feel and when you feel it. The reason you feel like there is nothing left for you without him is that he was such a big part of your life and everything you did, you either did together or you had someone to talk to about the things you did on your own so that even when it was your own thing it became something you shared and now what you are feeling is a huge empty hole in your life. You will slowly over time fill that hole with your own stuff and share with others but that won’t mean you miss him any less or love him any less but the huge gaping empty hole wont be so devastating to you. Take things at your own pace. That was brave of you to look at the photos I was just mentioning to pattidot on another post how bittersweet our memories can be. You need to look to see, to have that thing to hold onto but it also brings into focus how much you have lost so yes it is so very hard. Crying is natural and in a werid way good to get that release but also so hard. Maybe next time you look at the photos get your kids round and share the memories and a glass of wine if you like an odd glass. Take care. Thinking of you.

What good advice tillwemeetagain. You make some really good points Havent crossed posts (paths) with you on here for a wee while so hope you are doing okay relatively speaking. Thinking of you too.

Meebee thank you for that. You are so right.