What will happen next

I am uncertain about the future now my husband not there. What we planned cannot happen. Dread the future on my own with no one there to listen or tell me what is possible. I have to work it out myself and my judgement is not right at the moment. I can only think of what was and not the future.

Hi I feel exactly the same way: scared, sad, upset and overwhelmed to name a few feelings about my loss and my future alone. I feel your pain xx

I’m so sorry to you both for your losses. One day at a time as everyone is saying to me following losing my 22 year old son to SADS on 21st June. Utterly heartbreaking for us all :broken_heart:

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I lost my partner on june 29th and even though we have an 11 year old daughter i am so lost i live the other end of the country from my family so thats hard as it is
Im only 36 lost my dad 4 years ago (my partner passed on the anniversary of his funeral) ive lost 2 most important men in my life in 4 years and its hard the future scares me.

I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost my mum to suicide when I was 5, then my gran to suicide when I was 6. Now grieving desperately for my son. We were so close, both my boys are my world & now one has gone it’s so unbelievable & unbearable :broken_heart:
Sending love and strength to you x

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