When does it get better

My Jack Russell passed away on 27/08/21 and I cannot even put it into words how I feel. She was my shadow we went everywhere together and she was 9 years old when she passed away.

I’m really finding it difficult to cope without her when will it start getting better?

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Hi @Km94,

I am so sorry you’ve lost your dog. I lost my lovely Vince dog at beginning of April and I still miss him terribly. I miss his character, his funny personality, his weird little habits. I miss how he would bark for me to refill his water bowl when he wanted to drink. He had to physically see me filling the bowl from the tap before he would take a drink. Oh he was a funny little boy.

I think the loss of a family pet can be massively unappreciated and even misunderstood, but I absolutely understand. We have many pet lovers on this site, to the point where we have a thread for our pets, to recognise the joy and the great part they play in our lives.

I would love to hear more about your Jack Russell if you are up to talking about her. What was she called? Did she have funny little ways like my Vince dog?

Sending love xx


Hi, I am so sorry for your loss of your little dog and can second every word that Kate has written. To non dog owners they are ‘just dogs’ but to their owners they are so very much more.
I owe everything to my two dogs, their love and companionship has literally brought me back to life again after the loss of my husband.
We would love to hear about your Jack Russell and there is a topic about our animals. I will see if I can find it for you.
Take care