When does the crying stop+

Hi, I am 8 months post loosing mum. When does the daily wanting or actual crying stop and non stop thoughts. I get headaches from the tension. I journal my thoughts which help but i still think alot it’s so hard to get on with life I just don’t have the energy at times . It’s not just loosing her it’s the legacy and nature of our relationship that I think about. I loved her but it was difficult and she was a complicated lady. Someone please reassure me that this is normal 8 months on and it will get better. :pray: It’s such a lonely, hard place. x


It’s definitely normal. My mum died nearly nine months ago and I still cry all the time when I’m on my own, which I am a lot of the time.

I do have good days and keeping busy helps but I’m coming up to a lot of ‘anniversaries’ on the road to the one year anniversary in November. I’m lucky in that our relationship was straight forward but it’s still difficult.

I wish I could say when it will improve. Take care.

Hi to you both, I lost my mum about 6 weeks ago and I’ve cried every day for her, knowing where you two are in your journey i know myself I’ll not stop crying and in my heart I know I don’t want to stop, no one can prepare you for the pain you feel when you lose a loved one, like you tigger 55 I feel the tension that comes and the headaches, I so wish I could see her again, its heartbreaking to know I wont :pensive: I pray to dream about her or feel her presence but I’ve had nothing and that’s what upsets me too, (maybe she doesn’t want to ? Maybe she’s upset with me for something? ) every day these thoughts go round in my head, I take a day at a time, its comforting to know we are all going through the same experiences, its such an emotional rollercoaster, they were our mums and we miss them so so much :broken_heart: hope you both are ok, take care
Lynn x

Hi Lynn
I never really dream about my mum either and I wish I could. But she is so much on my mind when l’m awake and I tell myself that might be why. Perhaps it’s the same with you.

You take care too.

Hi Caro, yes I was told it could be because I’m thinking of her so much it’s my mind trying to protect me from dreaming about her and I could be blocking memories out too, its strange really because usually when you think about someone in the day you can often have them in your dreams, l keep holding on to the hope I will see her, I was also told my mum will come to me when she’s ready, ( when I’m not so upset) & that she will be ok, I truly hope so :pray: take care
Lynn x

I lost my mum suddenly in January age 53 and I feel exactly the same. In fact before reading this I posted a question of my own.

I feel exactly like lynn, people tell me that my mum will always be with me and I’ll feel her presence ( like my siblings do)
But I don’t feel that. I feel that’s she’s gone. I miss her so much.

There are days that I won’t cry and it does seem to be getting less. But when I don’t cry I have this horrible feeling. Like why am I not upset today?

Is this normal too?

Sending all my love. :heart::heart: