When emotional and neurological pain meet

When I woke up this morning, my trigeminal neuralgia reared its ugly head. This manifests as severe facial pain that interferes with eating, drinking, washing one’s teeth and even smiling.

My beloved partner looked after me so well when he was alive but I am now on my own, stuck with dealing with this awful pain on top of the grief I feel for his death.

I must admit to being very worried, but have others experienced a similar pain?

Hi, I am sorry you are in such a sad state and I hope someone how has the same medical condition and can help directly. When you are grieving you are very low both physically and mentally and we have to battle both plus the grieving and it’s hard.
Please contact your GP or other medical representatives that you have to hand because being in pain is not necessary. We are all here for you and I hope you can get help. Sending blessings to you.
S xxx

Sadly trigeminal neuralgia cannot be cured and I am already on two different tablets plus medicinal cannabis to control the symptoms and lessen them to a certain degree.

My GP can do very little bar suggesting yet another tablet. Last time they did this, I was given a tablets I had a bad reaction to,

I am a medical editor so I probably know my condition way better than my GP ever could. I am not having a go, it is simply the truth.

My partner could not do very much from a medical stand point but he provided emotional support and tried his very best to sooth me. To be honest, I think he was at a loss to change things and this made him upset.

He put up with this for some 15 years and I feel really bad that it took over our lives.

Thank you for getting back to me and explaining your story and I know you post often. My husband had a rare condition and I became a semi professional researcher which his consultant helped me with. We had a very good working relationship which helped my husband enormously as well as the consultant.
How we miss are soulmate and life will never be the same, it’s very difficult living without them and when we are not well it’s even more difficult and very sad. Keep posting and I do hope knowing we are all here for helps. S xxx

This forum has been a godsend. I am so grateful to all of you for reading my messages.

If I can help in any way, please drop me a line.

I am currently watching the film Passengers where the character played by Chris Pratt awakens too soon on a starship on its voyage to another world. He finds the solitude unbearable and thus awakens the character played by Jennifer Lawrence so that he has companionship and ultimately love.

A perfect example of why human beings do not do very well on their own and need a mate to share a life with.

A good film but tough to watch when one’s partner is no longer here.

That’s what the community was setup to be and I think everyone on here feels thankful.
Take care of yourself. S xxx

Hi SSTC22,
I do feel for you with the neuralgia pain that you have, these conditions are hard to deal with especially when you are on your own. I don’t have this but I do have migraines which have been a life long condition for me. When Pete was here I just had to look at him and he knew what would help, disprin, cup of tea, biscuits and a water bottle, dark room and sleep… I find them really hard to cope with on my own especially when I’m out . As you so rightly say add this to the grief …Doesn’t seem fair does it. I hope you get some relief soon. Thinking of you,
Love Jenny. ps. Does anyone else on the site get migraines and how to deal with them?