When I start feeling low I read this.

I bought a frame and printed the image off.

I have attached two prints so if anyone wanted to, they can print them off.



Thank you for posting this, it’s beautiful and I love it
Jen x


You are welcome. xx


Thank you for sharing this. Such beautiful words.

I’m glad I saw this as I’m feeling quite emotional after just finishing my first day back at work following my husbands sudden and unexpected passing 5 months ago xx


When I said to our hospital chaplain that Ian promised me forever, he said to me,l “he did give you his forever” This is so true.


@Lonely That’s a lovely thought… I have written a list of positive thoughts to try to get me through each day and are similar, but perhaps may resonate with others:

  1. I was the luckiest man ever, as I was married to, and adored, the most beautiful, loveliest, strongest, most gorgeous girl in the World for almost all my life, and who loved me totally and unconditionally.
  2. The loss of this half of my soul is devastating beyond belief, BUT having protected Sharon most of her life from her teens, it is better for me to bear this constant torture than for my darling girl to have had to do so.
    I have other positive thoughts, but these are the strongest…

Dennis lovely thoughts
I too wouldn’t of wanted Paul to go through this
‘Couples’ have no idea what one of them is in for……
Am I wrong in thinking that?
Sending hugs to you all


@bess no, not all all. Its OK to think and feel what you want - others who haven’t been here won’t / dont/can’t understand this…


Not at all wrong to think this. It just means you have seen the worst of what life can throw at you. I was told once by someone that one by one I will see my friends and family lose someone close to them eventually. Look at it like this, you have been given a suit of armour and nothing can pierce it now but you are the strength to help others through their losses.


So beautiful and just what I needed to read right now. I will read this on my low days, thank you💜

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Welcome Facey. BIG hugs to you.

Welcome Facey
Big hug

Dennis my thoughts exactly, I wouldn’t want my husband going through what I’m going through, I wouldn’t want him left without me and feeling like this :broken_heart:

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