When missing her becomes to much

I miss my wife
It’s such a small sentence but it’s one I cannot say to my family it’s been 7 months now and missing her is becoming to much to live with I can function day to day but still don’t sleep I just lay there with my memory’s wishing I could turn back the clock I know this isn’t what she would have wanted but I’m stuck in the same loop which I cannot or just don’t want to get out of I put on a brave face for everyone to see because I’m embarrassed that the truth is I cannot cope without her I’m not sure how long I can do this
I’m just so lost without her I cannot see a future that doesn’t involve her
I’m sorry to put Thia on here but with nobody to talk to I’m hoping putting it into words might help

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Please don’t apologise. You are bound to miss your wife as your were her carer also for such a long time.

Your life has changed completely, beyond recognition.

It hurts like hell for us to lose our beloved spouses and I’m sure there is a time when we all feel we’ll never come to terms with it.

Your family must surely know how much you miss her. Please don’t be embarrassed about the truth. It hits us so hard to lose them and yes, we do feel lost.

Keep on going. We have to. That’s all there is.

Take care, Janey

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Please don’t apologise lost my wonderful husband 15month ago and we just want them back you loved your lovely wife and I lost john true gentleman to the end annie x