When will it get bettet

It’s been 19 months since my husband died and I still cry everyday, I was the tough one in the relationship and didn’t think his death would hit me so hard. Christmas was bad and now valentines day is around the corner, my husband never forgot cards & flowers. Friends thought it was a good idea to set me up on a dinner date with a widower but even though he was lovely I feel like I’ve taken a step backwards and miss my husband even more. Will I ever get some normality back

I’m sure your friends wanted.to help but how could they be so insensitive ?
I’m not surprised you’re feeling worse again.
After 2 years I’ve lost all hope of ever feeling normal.again. i miss my husband more than ever.
.I doubt if that will help you but at least you know it’s not unusual to feel like this.
Time isn’t a great healer for everyone.
Wishing you well. Sadme

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Hi everyone I can totally relate to what you have said I lost my wife of 30 years two years ago on the 27th of February the second year has been hell much worse than the first , I have slipped back into depression and have bad anxiety which I have suffered with most of my life, even though I’ve got two grown children and three beautiful granddaughters this doesn’t ease the pain ,I no I’m being selfish as alot of people have no one .I carnt imagine ever feeling ok again ,I am 56 and my wife would of been 52 ,she died of cancer 10 weeks after the diagnosis .this is the first post I have made in a very long time as I thought I was doing ok ,but I do come on regularly and read all your sad posts my heart goes out to everyone .jon

Hi Jon,
I can only agree with you , my 2nd year has been hell.
I don’t have children but however much you love them they can never make up for the gap losing your wife has left in your life.
Other people often can’t understand this.
I get through everyday but I can’t imagine ever being happy again. I wish i could say more to help you but can only let you know you’re not alone in feeling like this. Sadme

Hi, can relate to how you’re feeling I was married for nearly 35 years but we’d been together 40 I was 57 when my husband died of AML. One of the worst things for me is when people say you’re only young you’ll find someone else or go out and enjoy yourself. Friends and family have been great but once your home all the memories come flooding back. Hopefully we will all eventually be able to live with the memories with a smile rather than a tear

Yes, the second year is worse. The first seems like a test you have to get through, but the second is when you really comprehend the meaning of the word “forever” and when, no matter how busy you are and how much support you have from family and friends, you truly learn how to be lonely.

Hi , I’m never lonely but completely alone. However many friends and family I have around me there is only one person I want in my life. Sadly the only one I can’t have.

I feel for you sadme,I lost my mum and dad 10+12 years ago,which I’ve never dealt with.They were my best supporters in thinking the sun shined out my proverbial…I’ve done an ok job in hiding my sadness but In March,my fiance had a heart attack which he survived and hes doing ok.But the thought of losing him has rocked me to the core,when i mention it,I’ve had the response well,yeah but hes ok now isnt he?But I’m screaming inside,I’m no.im petrified every day!