Where do we go?

Since losing my dad I’ve had a number of experiences I truly cannot explain, I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar?
Before I begin to share some of them with you, I promise none of this is over exaggerated or untrue. My intention is not to give you any sense of false hope.
The first few days after dad’s passing we’re awful, having to arrange the funeral, death certificate, cancelling cards/insurance etc. Being the oldest of four I decided to take control of all of this, not wanting my siblings or mum have to basically delete my dad.
Myself, mum and my wife had to visit the crematorium to organise my dad’s burial plot. Mum was to upset to come in so waited in the car. While sat in the reception I began to get overwhelmed with grief, the whole reality of what I was doing was too much. My wife said she will sort it “go get some fresh air outside” as soon as I stepped outside I burst into tears, I began quietly speaking to my dad (something I never imagined I would do being very agnostic) my wife came out and told me it was all sorted, to take my time, and that she’ll wait in the car. I began to dry my eyes and head back to the car, when something caught my eye on the floor next to my shoe, it was a single blue rose, just lying there on the floor. Only a couple of hours before we had decided as a family that we would cover dads coffin in blue roses. Straight after seeing this rose, I did what I’d normally do, just put it down as one of life’s strange coincidences.
A couple of days later I was sat alone in my mum’s living room, I began looking at the big bookcase where all my dad’s books were, again I felt that horrible lump in my throat and began to get upset. Now I honestly cannot explain why I did what I did, maybe it was just hope or desperation, I truly don’t know. I closed my eyes and walked over to the bookshelf and blindly picked up a book, opened it, ran my finger down the page, then opened my eyes. On the line where my finger was placed two words caught my eye “Cherr-Chez” this I imagine means nothing to you, however for me, I was gobsmacked. My surname is “Cherrett”, when sorting/cancelling my dad’s accounts etc a lot of passwords began “Cherr*******” and his nickname growing up (also mine, unfortunately) was “Chez”, again I thought is this just a massive coincidence? What are the chances of them words being in a randomly picked Stephen King book, on a randomly picked page/line?
These are just a couple of examples of some of the strange experiences I’ve had.
It’s funny really because one of the only disagreements me and my dad had was what happens when we die. None of us are remotely religious, but my dad always believed that there must be something else when we die, where I was always of the opinion that we get this life only, we then die, that’s it - the end.
I promise you all I’m not literally going out looking for signs or viewing anything and everything as a connection with my dad.
Other than these strange experiences, since dad left us, I have a weird feeling of not being alone, again this probably is just part of the process of going through grief, I don’t know.
Like I said these are just a couple of my experiences, I’ve many more, some I can explain, a lot I cannot.
I honestly don’t know what I believe anymore, I’d like to imagine that when we finally go, we are reunited with those we have lost.
I apologise if I rambled on a bit, thanks for listening. Take care, Liam.



When my husband died I was obviously devastated, I didn’t see it coming.

A couple of days later I was sitting on the settee feeling awful when my husbands walking stick that was leaning on a wall (not moved for a year as wasn’t needed) crashed to the floor, was it a draft? no, was it the cat? no… a few days later I came in & the end of the curtain rail flew past me & a few days after that when sitting in the living room the TV came on by itself.

After that, nothing happened, the only explanation I had was my husband would have known how shocked I was so did these things to comfort me.

2 years on, during a particularly sad day I was woken in the middle of the night by a TV on in the dining room, I don’t use that TV but my husband did, so again I think it was my husband trying to comfort me.

I’m a very common sense person, none of these things happened in the house before he died but then happened after his death, I think it’s a great comfort to think love & caring from our loved ones goes on after death.

So I’m not surprised by what your describing.