Where has she gone?

My beautiful mum passed away on the 8th January this year. I’ve had an overwhelming feeling of needing to find her? I miss her so much. I’m really struggling. Where has she gone?


I’m so sorry. :heart: I’ve lost my dad and I feel that way too, wondering where he is and wanting to find him. I think it’s because it’s inexplicable how someone can just disappear. We can’t make sense of it because it actually doesn’t make sense. Sending hugs. :people_hugging:


Thank you :heart: I want to know that she is ok and somewhere and not alone. The loss is just so devastating :sob:

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Sorry for your loss too.

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I know. It’s horrendous. :cry: If only they could communicate that things are ok, maybe we could rest easier. Some believe our loved ones send signs, but I haven’t had even definite ones. It helps a little to be on here and see others feel the same way, though. :heart:

My husband died at the end of December and it was so final. I too don’t feel his presence and I wonder if it’s because he was mad at me or disappointed. He had motor neurone disease and could speak for the last year of his life. I knew how much he loved me but can’t understand why I don’t feel he’s with me - I don’t even dream about him. I watched him die and it torments me as I hope he wasn’t frightened or knew he was dying :broken_heart:

I feel exactly the same. I wander into her room (she lived with us) and wonder where she is. Her handbag is by the cupboard, a book she didn’t quite finish is by the bed. Every weekend I count the weeks since she was last there and since she died. Some days I can cope. Some days not. I took time off from work to leave early one day this week because I didn’t think I could keep going on as if I was fine. Just burst into tears at home. Yesterday I was Ok, today not so much as it’s a weekend and we lost her 10 weeks ago tomorrow. Its just so hard. When Im in I want to go out. When I’m out I just want to go home.