Why can’t I cry?

Hi, my mum passed away 3 days ago. I spent 24 hours by her side, held her as she passed away. I’m someone who cry’s at anything and everything happy/sad/sentimental!!! I have barely been able to shed a tear since I lost her. I know it will come. Why am I not able to cry? Can anyone share at what point they did? I had cared for her, have POA so I have all her affairs ready to sort out, so it’s not that I’m busy with all the processes dealing with her passing.

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My dear you are in shock, you must look after yourself. This numbness is very normal. I am so sorry for your loss and it is beyond pain at this early stage. One step at a time, you will deal with all that is necessary. Tears will come when perhaps you least expect. .

I couldn’t cry for weeks, not at all at my husband’s funeral. When they came they brought relief, nature’s way to deal with the agony.

Thank you. This makes a great deal of sense. It helps so much to know it’s normal. I’m always so in touch my my feelings until now. So very sorry to hear about the loss of your husband. I can’t begin to imagine the impact on you.

Hi Debbie I am so sorry you lost your beautiful mum. She was lucky to have you holding her hand to the end…that is very special :heart: I lost my mum too this year, suddenly and only now am I starting to grieve. Our minds and brain’s work hard to protect us from shock and I think that is probably what is happening for you now. Just take time sweetheart, to be, to feel and that is all. Take care of yourself xx

Thank you, I’m so sorry to hear you have lost your mum and are feeling the pain now. I’m sure you’re right there are tiny moments now that are starting to creep in and grab my emotions. It hurts so much when it does and actually that frightens me because I don’t know how I’d handle the full force of it. Your words are a great comfort and wise. I’ll try very hard to just to feel and be as you suggest, it instinctively feels the right thing to do. Sending you lots of strength too xx

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