why does it feel like it's never going to get better

my nan (who raised me) was killed recently, I still feel like I’m living in a horrible dream.

I feel like my whole world and all the things we had planned together have been ripped from me, Its only been days but I feel like how am I meant to just go back to normal? How do I wake up everyday in the house we share and not see her?

I feel like so much has been stolen from us as a family, how can I try and look forward and think things will be better when I feel like this, Im just so lost and don’t know where to go from here


I feel the same. It’s heartbreaking. I’m at my father’s house, surrounded by his things and it’s so painful. It’s like he’s still here, but just out of reach. I can’t accept that I won’t see him again.


Hi Sadpoohbear
I’m so sorry to hear about your Nan.
Remember you are still in shock and this could last for days, weeks or longer. When my Mum died a year ago after a stroke I was numb, felt I was in a bad dream and couldn’t believe she had gone, in fact even now I find it hasn’t really sunk in.
I found comfort in planning Mum’s funeral. This is something positive you can do to honour your Nan in the way she would like. Did she like any particular music or songs? Choose a reading or poem. Favourite flowers? Do you have anyone to help you with arrangements and the practical side, eg sorting paperwork?
Take care of yourself too, I know how hard all this is.

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