Why me?

My life have been changed 180° since March…Nothing is how it should be…I have 34 years old,and I am a single parent…I hate that!

hi Madalina
very sorry for the loss of your partner,hope you can stay strong for your children.
many many members on here are facing this traumatic heart breaking event in their lives.
most are older than you,but we do have a few in your age bracket who are facing life alone without their man.from some where they are finding the strength to get through the days and nights and battle on.you are not alone,we know and understand the emotional turmoil you face each day and are here if you need to vent or seek a bit of comfort or advice.
if you read a few posts in the lost a partner section you will see all the different ways that people have done to try cope.we are all very individual ,and what may help one may be no good for another,but we soldier on and try our best to live each day as it comes.
please take care of your children and your self ,there is no time limit on grief it affects us all differently.take each days as it comes and know we are here if and when you need us.
sorry for droning on and going ground round in circles,i just post from the heart my brain as very little input.hope you are getting a little support from family and friends,i know its more difficult with this lockdown situation at present.
try take care and stay safe.


Thank you so much!

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Hi Madalina
I too have become a single parent recently it’s heartbreaking isn’t it. You just feel like your life has been cruelly torn apart when you were so happy. It’s hard to watch your kids go to through their heartbreak too and you cannot take that pain away for them.
Life is just so unfair! Xx

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I lost my husband 20 days ago and he was only 39 years old.
I never taught I would be a single mum as I never liked the idea! But not imagining losing my love so soon.
Life is so unfair as it put us through hello my son, me, his family and my family

I hate almost everything, why life has to be so cruel? Not being lucky like others?

How are you Madalina?
I think we had the most young partners/husbands died so young in this group. It is devastating. I loved being married with my love now I am a single mum. I have never been imagined this. I hate hate

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I’m sorry to hear about what you are going through. Life can seem so unfair. I lost my partner a few weeks ago he was 34 and I’m 30. My life exactly like yours has been ripped into shreds. It’s almost like your future has been ripped out from under your feet. I can completely get that. You may feel like you are alone but your not. The grief seems unbearable but you can always reach out to anyone on here and everyone has been so great in supporting each other.

I am trying my best and trying to find ladies with very similar situations they had, finding them and trying to talk to them on the phone for comfort. I understand there are many people around suffer from sudden heart attack. I was not aware of before as we never had any problems with his heart.
Yesterday, my brother in law texted us he just found out that his sons friend’s dad had a sudden heart attack a month ago and died. He was in his thirties!. These sudden attack deaths are increasing over the years especially with young people. Unfortunately the doctors do not do enough research to prevent the cause. This issue has to be taken seriously by scientists as many people lost their loved ones and in all shock all our life.
Yesterday I was talking to my father in law and we were saying the world is our hell and we are trying to live in.
And we all know the world is so unfair as we were very happily married, had many dreams and left behind with my little son. So why?