Why not try to meet each other

I am new here, but my heart bleeds reading some of your stories. I have a particular interest in planning for my own End of Life and I am making plans accordingly. I have suffered the loss of both my parents some years ago, but I am making a plan now for mysel]f a 71-year-old man, married to a much younger woman (Shes 45) but I will have everything planned to the last letter so that she does not have to deal with anything.

I am new here but if some of you live near each other or even a bus ride or tube ride away from each other, why not meet for a Coffee or Lunch or Dinner at an inexpensive Pub or Cafe?

Loneliness in itself in my opinion is a killer. I feel I am the Lucky one but I share your thoughts and I will pray for you all.

Hi @daniel567. Having read your profile and with regards volunteering, it may be an idea to contact Sue Ryder direct as they may not be aware. Best wishes.

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Thank you for the advice. It is much appreciated and I will contact them today.

Stay safe